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W5R3 completed but SI joint pain

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I managed to complete W5R3 today ... woohoo! I took it nice and slowly but had to silence the little voice in my ear telling me that I didn't have to do this! I started a new route for W5R2 and today which is more road running and more hilly. I found that running downhill on the hard surface gave me sacroiliac joint pain which I haven't had before. I am running in some rather old trail running shoes that I previously used for dog walking. I'm going on holiday for two and half weeks next week and have promised myself that if ... no, when... I continue with C25K when I get back I will book myself in for gait analysis and buy some proper shoes which hopefully will help.

I hope to be able to do a couple more runs before I go away but it'll be too hot to run when I am on holiday, so I'm thinking I might repeat W5 when I get back.

8 Replies

Worth checking that you don’t have a stuck SI joint. I had that & one visit to an osteopath sorted it out. Need to take care of yourself!


Good shoes are really the only essential bit of kit for runners. Really worth investing as they will be good for about 500 miles of running. You are wise too to go for gait analysis. Have a nice holiday, you probably wont need to repeat after a week or a fortnight, I would try for week 6 :)


Huge well done you... enjoy your holiday and do look forward to those new shoes:)


Congratulations on completing W5. Enjoy your hols and look forward to your new shoes 😁


Great effort, definitely get well fitted shoes. Running down hill puts huge pressure on joints, build up amount of downhill slowly, I know it's fun but not if it hurts. Have a great holiday


Well done on your progress.

Running downhill on a hard surface in old trail shoes is not a good idea.

You can impose up to seven times your body weight through your legs and joints, so easing back is sensible to minimise stresses.

Take care.


Thanks all for your advices. The hills are tricky as there is nowhere close to me that is flat but it wasn't a big hill and I did take the downhill slowly and tried not to bounce too much in my strides.

I am definitely getting some new shoes - I'm not sure how booked up they get for gait analysis, so I might ring and find out before I go on holiday. In the meantime maybe I'll stick with running round the recreation field on grass although it is a tad boring!


Have a lovely holiday. Get your new shoes. Good luck.


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