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OMG - ouch!!!

I was reading about hill running on runningbug or someplace else and thought I'd give it a go. I ran 1 minute at 5% and walked flat for two minutes 7 times. My legs are on fire and my thighs ache like no ones business. These feel like workout aches not injuries, so I hope they are doing me good.

No fast times at parkrun tomorrow providing I can even walk to the park :)

I think I'd better go off and do battle with a foam roller !!

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Well done for giving it a go.


Hills.... The aspect of running least likely to be described as fun. However, if you don't mind me repeating something that I just posted as another poster a moment ago, for the aches and pains.....

What you need is a nice hot bath. If you saw "The truth about your medicine cabinet" on the BBC last night, you will have seen that a nice hot bath is just the ticket after a good run. Forget deep heat or cold ointments, just fill a bath, add something suitably smelly and dive in.

The programme is available on iPlayer if you're interested.

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I saw it! I've watched all three now - quite the eye opener. I've just had a shower, but I'll give it a shot and see if it works. Hope so 'cos otherwise parkrun tomorrow is probably not an option. I haven't felt like this since week 1 :)


Well not convinced it's worked yet, but if I remember rightly, it's tomorrow that will be the test. If I can walk it worked :)


I don't know if you took Rob's advice but it was same advice he gave me. Worked wonders! Saturday morning I was right as rain, all aches and pains had gone. I'll be having nice hot bath when I ache in future. Hope you feel better now.


yes. I hurt all night, but the next morning I was fine. It's the last time I do a new workout on Friday night


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