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C25K+ - Stamina .......OMG!!

Well.....I started this program 11 weeks ago. Since my graduation i have managed a further 6 runs ( 3 times a week for me!) and i have always used week 9 with Laura. This morning i fancied trying something a little different, so i thought i would give the C25K+ podcasts a go.

Un-decided with which one to do, i asked my 3 year old daughter to pick a number between 1, 2 & 3 - she choose number 3, Stamina! Ok i thought to myself, i will give this a go.

For the first time ever, i have been defeated, but i did give it a good go!

The first 10 minutes were fine (1,2,3,4 constantly counting in my head), during the second set of 10 mins, think i was about 8 mins in, i had to stop and walk to catch my breath and then i rejoined the programe for the third ten minute set. I was suffering at this point. I was almost pleased Laura said i had 60 seconds to go as i thought i was done, but then she dropped the bombshell... lets finish off with an energising futher 5 min run. it was at this point i switched Laura off and walked the rest of the way home.

I am not a quick runner. I cover about 4.82k in 30 mins - but i am a runner. This particular podcast will not beat me. Next saturday, i will be doing it all over again!

Keep Running!


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Try Stepping Stones if you found Stamina a bit hard. IIRC it's a bit easier and designed, I think, to be the lead-in to the other two, Speed and Stamina.


As above, Stepping stones is a bit easier, I did that one a few times then moved onto Stamina, which I still use as I find it suits me at the moment, and I like to hear Laura's encouraging words now & then, although I am looking at b210k as I need to do longer runs ready for the Olympic 5 mile run in July :-)


Just repeating what the others said - try Stepping Stones. Sounds like you are doing brilliantly!

Keep at it, soon you'll be doing stamina with no trouble!


The only one of the 5k+ I have done is the speed one, and I did that yesterday without have to walk any of the run like I had on the previous runs. I think after reading your blog I will leave the stamina one for a while. LOL

Good luck with your next run. :-)


I haven't tried Stamina yet, I only tried Speed for the first time last week and really enjoyed that one. I think I might be holding off on the Stamina one for a while, too!


Thank you for all your comments guys! I did spend some time listening to the C25K+ podcasts last night to find out the bpm for each one. And I think stepping stones is the way forward! X


Hi! Well done on progressing to 5k+! Never feel defeated! This is just a journey to get where you want to be! After graduation (took me 9+ weeks to get there), i did week 9 for a few weeks. Then I moved to Stepping Stone for 2 months. I struggled with stepping stone at first , but after a while It became manageable. Eventually I felt confident enough to start Stamina...that to was a struggle and still is at times, but I notice that I get stronger and can cope better. My current aim is to be able to run comfortably at that pace for a while before trying Speed. My point is really to take one step at a time the same way you have succesfully handled the c25k....5k+ may be harder, but really requires the same approach! It is ALL possible!


Thank you HappyRunning. I enjoyed reading your comments. I have the stepping stones podcast scheduled for tomorrow, and you are so right. It is All possible!


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