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Wk 5 Run 2 - nailed it

yup, two runs of 8 minutes and I'm a little achey today but only in a 'my body knows I made it work' way.

So, first attempt at run 3 coming up this weekend... I'm feeling confident but I've learnt from you lot on here that if I need a couple of attempts before I get it, it's ok... of course I'm still pretty determined to do it first time though ;)

Off to the seaside with the children now, have a great day everyone!

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Good luck with your run. It's about what's in your head now. You know you can run for a decent time; you just need to have the confidence and will to keep running through the 20 minutes. Takke it at a comfortable slow pace and you'll do it. And have the biggest grin on your face as Laura tells you to stop running!


This next run is the one where I knew I could run :) slow and steady, focus on getting to the end and tell us all about it !! Good luck :)


Well done with getting this far, I've the 20 min run tomorrow ( but thanks to a number of injuries it's not my first time) so I can tell you that you can do it, don't think about the time or the distance, just enjoy what you're doing and keep smiling!


Good on you you're well on your way now 😃


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