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Yey week 5 run 2 in the bag! Really looking forward to week 5 run 3, obviously finding it easier second time round although having hip problems I never got first time round and I'm a bit upset as I really don't want to stop running! I'm running the same route with the same trainers I did last time when I had no problems but this time after a run my left hip hurts, it aches and feels a bit hot, I'm doing my stretches and the pain goes away with ibuprofen and goes by next run (I run roughly every other day) any idea what it is? Do I need to stop running and see someone or will it get better the more I get used to running again? i have no pain when running, I'd say it comes on about two hours after the run, I take ibruprofen which pretty much sorts it, it hangs around for about 24 hours then gets better (ready to run again!)

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  • Although I am 1.5 stones heavier than last time I did c25k...maybes joints don't like my extra weight? 😩

  • Well done on your progress Katy, but can't offer any advice on your problem. As you are coming to the longer runs now, I would suggest you go for some professional guidance. Best not to risk any long term damage. Do you have any good sports physio's near you?

    Hope you get it sorted!

  • Well apparently I have trochanteric bursitis according to a woman whose baby I delivered and is a physio (she owes me lol!) she's given me some exercises to do and advised a break from running sob sob!!!!!!!

    Slightly distraught at this news

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