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Ow ow ow ow ow

I completed w2r1 but about halfway through both my calves cramped up. I may have overdid it running up a hill.

My question is - does it still count as 1 of 3 Runs if I had to slow to a walk for the last 30 secs of one of the 'runs'?

It was soooo painful I had to stop and walk, but after walking for 2mins it felt OK to keep running, still a bit of a twinge but manageable

Please advise - I'm a complete noob.

Laura said to do the runs in week 3 X 3 but is it ok if I hobbled through one of the 90sec runs??

Thanks so much!

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Oooh that sounds painful! If it happens again you should stop and stretch out the calves to get rid of the cramp and then carry on. It's up to you if you feel you've done enough running to tick it off. I would probably do the run again because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and there is no hurry is there?


If you are running up a hill try to take lots of small steps (higher cadence) even though you are running slowly it may make a difference.

It's up to you whether you move on or do the run again... if it was me, I'd do it again as I'm a bit OCD!! :-)


Hey there,

If you're a complete noob to running, then week 2 seems a little early to be "overdoing it up a hill". Take it easy! You're at the very start of your journey and your body is not used to this yet. Try and avoid hills at this stage if you can. If you can't (cos of where you live) then go up them very very slowly and with very short strides.

Go slowly, there is no rush :-)

Good luck



Hi there,

Congratulations on getting to week 2.

I think it will still count. In the early days though it is best to adapt the program to your own needs. You did the right thing by walking when you had pain as your body needs to adapt. Move up to the next week when you feel ready.

If you move to the week 3 and the pain returns ease back a bit--rest and maybe repeat week 2.

Lots of people on here (including myself) repeated weeks as needed. I had to take some weeks out just doing slow jogs and walk intervals. I got there in the end though ---it just took longer.

Good luck with it----the first few weeks can be the toughest when your body adapts to all the changes. It is worth it and it does get better.


I actually repeated week one and two because I was not confident to move on. Don't worry there are no hard and fast rules. Play it ear and move on when you feel ready.


Thanks for the replies! It wasn't an enormous hill, just a gradual slope. I'll try a different route next time and see if that's better.


I ran in the other direction down The road tonight, no hill thataway but I had to go back and forth several times along the neighbour's houses.

The route with the hill is a nice 2km trip to the end of the road and then 2km back so it's a good distance. Just don't love the slope!


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