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So, is 2.5 years a record?

I've done it!! Tonight I completed the third run of week 9! (along with my oh Angus)

It's taken a long while, I've had problems with my achilles tendons for about eight years and I finally saw a specialist about this time last year. Treatment consisted of exercises, physio, ultrasound and no running, although I had stated that the only pain free moments were whilst running. I did exactly as I was told, I've spent years doing all the exercises but nothing worked.

In September this year I saw another "specialist" who actually sent me for xrays, scans etc. and to quote him " I have insertional tendonitis, that's a bummer" ( where the tendon joins the heel) and all of the exercises I've been doing for years "were not likely to help" I've spent hours/years doing them. He signed me off saying that I'm my own expert and I should just carry on as I saw fit. He gave me the go ahead to run, but I was to take it very slowly, he also reassured me that I wouldn't rupture my tendons, but no cure.

So I started again, right from the beginning, Angus, who had been running a bit through all this joined me at week 5. I have to say that it was a whole lot easier second time round! First time round, we got to wk 9 run 2 and Angus hurt his knee, we'd agreed to do this together so I waited for him to recover, but I got my hospital appointment and was banned from running for any longer than 5 minutes - I really wish I'd done that last run!1

But, tonight we've done it!!!! I'm so pleased!! I don't think I'll be able to do much more than 30 mins 3 x per week because of my wretched tendons, but I'm going to keep at it!

So, is 2.5 years to complete C25K a record?

And, can someone tell me how I get that much coveted badge?

Thanks for listening


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That is so fantastic! Well done! I think that may indeed be the record! If you look at the pinned posts on the right, you can see one to ask for your graduation badge. You can also send off for a swanky silver badge too (£6) so you can show off to your friends down the pub! :)


Well done. Could well be a record, but it matters not how long it took you to get here, the important bit is now you have the rest of your life to carry on being a runner. Hooray!


Woop woop!! congratulations on your graduation! and well done for sticking at it.

Go grab that shiny badge and wear it with pride : )


Well done! A triumph of perseverance! :-)


I think you hold the record for determination! Well done - amazing work!


So glad for you what an achievement well done.


Congratulations! That is an achievement, not only for the running, but for the determination. Happy running :)


Hi Frida, well done you! My goodness, with such determination and positive thinking what else could you achieve? The possibilities are endless! I took over a year and thought that was a long time, mind you the only issue I have, is I have learnt my body does not like too much high impact, so the 3 runs a week led to overuse injuries once I did get to graduation. I have listened to my body and now run twice a week, I have been running 5k twice a week for a couple of months now and am really beginning to feel comfortable, I am not fast by any means, I do it in about 37 to 40 mins, enjoying it more now, so much so I managed 7k this week! But slow and steady worked for me, looks like it will work for you too.

Happy running!


What a fantastic story of determination. Well done to both you and your husband and how lovely for you both to achieve this at the same time. Congratulations! Happy running :)


Brilliant... such dedication, which I really hope pays off in the future... well done :-)


Good for you! Well done - what an inspiration. Go get that badge.


Thanks everyone for your posts, I'm one of those lurkers, I don't post much but I do read everyone else's, I still find it supportive and it has kept up my interest even when I've been banned from running.

It looks as though my tendons will be a problem for life, they won't to kill me, it could be a lot worse (I have a friend with Rheumatoid Arthritis - that's really nasty), so I've just got to get on with it!

When I first started, Angus was not interested at all, but he caught the bug! He has a very active, but stressful job, is not overweight, but he had just had to start taking a low dose of blood pressure tablets, he still has to take them, but his pressure readings are much better.

So, it's good for us both, and, having never been able to run in my 54 years, I can do 30 minutes! And - I can't believe I'm going to say this, I/we enjoy it!!!

Thanks All for your support


Wow, you most definitely win the medal for determination. Congratulations with getting there, and I'm in awe of your staying power.


Congratulations Frida! Jolly impressive perseverance and determination, if I may say so.

Happy running.


that is some determination you have there :D welld one and big congrats on nailing your graduation run :D really a great effort :D


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