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I'm back - Officially - but with caution...

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Managed the 20 min run on Saturday without too much difficulty on the treadmill. Felt it went better than first time round as well.

Hospital visit this morning for the poorly knee. Could be one of two problems, or even two problems so being referred to physio to see if that helps a bit. But the good news is that if it is not too bad, I can keep running!! :) If physio does not help after 3-4 sessions, may need key hole investigative operation on it - but will worry about that later.

I was advised however, not to increase run timings at the moment until I can do that pain free and then to increase by no more than 10% a week. It may take me a few more weeks to get to graduation as planned and may have to invent my own running plan a bit, but hopefully I will suceed this time round.

So plan is - rest to day and tomorrow (Knee sore today from prodding, twisting and bending) and repeat the 20 min run on Wednesday. There is nothing to stop me trying to get a bit faster or further in the run if I feel able to do that!! (will still be doing the same time) Will then perhaps look at 2 rest days between each run to see how things go for a while.

So happy to be able to do this again!! Can't believe how much I missed it.


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Good luck with that knee Carolyn.

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Good luck, those knees are a real pain in the bum!

All the best


Hope you're back to 100% soon

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caro8642 in reply to daisylou

Me too. Got to week 9 before pain struck, so aim to get there again, but may take a while.

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Sounds like a sensible plan, Caro. I often take 2 or 3 days between runs - I find it just helps to keep the niggles at bay. Good luck! :)

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caro8642 in reply to oona

Don't want to push it, just want to get fit!

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Well done hope the knees are ok

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caro8642 in reply to skf28

Thanks. So far OK, tomorrow will be the test when I hit the treadmill again.

Way to go Carolyn. I thought I was back too today, my knee had other plans. Although I have been pain free since the weekend and I was going to have a go at running today. My knee decided to walk into a door frame, very painful indeed! Seems to have a rather large bruise on it already ouch! Hopefully by the end of the week I should be ready to have another go.

Wish me luck and good luck with yours.

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caro8642 in reply to dush3003

ouch! Hope you're up and running soon. Know what its like now not to be able to do it.

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