Where's that BADGE??!!!!

I did it. I bloody well did it!!!! I am over the moon, chuffed to bits, happy as Larry! How hot was today though......? It really makes it harder, I might never complain about rain and hail ever again :)

Week 9 has been tough but looking back at the whole experience, i would never ever have believed I could run at all. I'm so glad something made me get out on Jan 4th and do run 1....seems surreal now that I even did that! I absolutely love this programme and running is a revelation, a real life changer. I'm still a snail but I can do it, and I know I will stick with this as long as my body doesn't cave in :)

Thanks to this forum I have learnt so much, had tonnes of encouragement, kindness, help and giggles. I 100% believe without this I would have struggled and given up - shins, ankles, calves have all kicked off but I've overcome each time and knowing this is 'normal' is priceless.

So, this smiley woman will be smug smiley for days and she needs her badge :) yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Fanbloomintastic. Many many congrats on such an achievement ☺

  • Thanks :)

  • CONGRATULATIONS ! and very well done for sticking with it all the way to the end. What next ? Do you have a goal ? Enjoy feeling smug, you have worked hard for it.

  • Thanks Hen :) next goal is run 3 x 30 for a few weeks to get my pace up and then work up to 5k :) and enjoy it!!

  • Woohoooo well done !

  • Cheers!

  • Well done :-)

  • Thanks :)

  • Awesome, congrats and well done.

  • Thanks :)

  • Hooray, another graduate today! Many congratulations- I hope you feel really proud. you can start planning your new running adventures now.

  • Still smiling thanks :)

  • Fantabulous you are !! A big congratulations - enjoy the after party!


  • Haha after party will be tonight :)

  • Congratulations for making it through and welcome to the rest of your running life!

  • Thanks Coddfish it's been awesome :)

  • Great achievement! Really well done. Wishing you many happy years of running ahead :)

  • Ta v much :)

  • Yay ! Fab stuff NS , you did it !

    Well done and many Congratulations to you on your Graduation . I hope you enjoy wherever your running takes you from here :-)

    All the very best to you xxx

  • Thanks Poppy you've been a great supporter :)

  • Bless ya NS xxx Oooh you got your badge- very nice ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliantly well done. Fabulous achievement. This forum is the key as you say - especially the giggles. Shouldn't you be saying 'Happy as Laura'. Good luck for the rest of your running life.

  • Congratulations. You sound just a little bit pleased with yourself! Apply for your graduate badge (on right of main post page) and enjoy your running!

  • I spy my badge already :) thanks

  • Many congratulations to you! Yes, where is your badge? Get it quick and then show it off. You worked hard for it.


  • Done and big thanks :)

  • Whoop whoop, well done! That's fantastic, go get your badge, quick! Enjoy your running x :-)

  • Thanks so much :)

  • Pop! Fizz! Glug Glug... Chink! Cheers! Chug chug :-) Yay! Fabulous to have you on the 'rest of your running life' side of graduation, Northern Spirit :-) wear that smile proudly :-). Well done! :-D

  • Hahah!! Thanks Potty :) still smiling :)

  • Well done Northern, Graduate at last you didn't get Ann Bancroft for doing it? It is hard for sure, it makes you appreciate just how good some of these athletes are, even none professional ones, some of the guys my age and older post ridiculous times at my Park run and its a very hilly run at that. I can only dream of the times they post. Well done to you.

  • Me too....slow mo here but who cares eh :)

  • Awesome! Well done x

  • Thanks x

  • Congratulations 😀

  • Thanks :)

  • Congratulations ! Now go get your shiny graduate badge ! Happy running x

  • So proud of the badge! Thanks

  • Brilliant, well done and congratulations. So pleased for you!! πŸ‘

  • Thanks :)

  • Great Stuff NorthernSpirit, congratulations, well done, brilliant!!

    That's one wonderful feeling isn't it? Enjoy the day and all the best for your future running adventures.

  • Yes it is indeed....inane grin on my face walking the 5 min cool down on our road, neighbours must've thought I'd lost the plot :)

  • Yay! That's excellent! Well done you!!!! And I spy a graduate badge!!! Happy running! You will be signing up for races next! Xx

  • I may well do that, inspired by you and others who knows? Thanks :)

  • 🎈🎡she sings...congratulations and jubilation a...🎡🎡its a great feeling and a tremendous achievement....you can be proud...but what's next...? Don't stop ..keep going....onwards and upwards!!!!

  • Haha thanks v much :) next is keep running and get to 5k - yippee!!

  • Congratulations Northernspirit :) That badge looks just fab. *Raises big cup of tea to toast your success* What next, now you're a graduate? :) :)

  • Thanks AM :) more running, enjoy the lighter nights knowing I can 'just do it!' And get to 5k :)

  • Well done NS, you've done brilliantly! Love your post, too. that's just how I felt (and still feel!) :)

  • Thanks :) amazing innit :)

  • Splendid! We were all waiting for your post eagerly. I am looking forward to completing the program very soon and I am every bit of a snail that you are!

  • Ah thank you :) and good luck, you'll soon be applying for the badge :)

  • Congratulations! Wow, well done!

  • Thanks v much :)

  • Well done NS. What a great thing this C25K is :)

  • Yes it is. Simple yet amazing :) thanks

  • Massive congratulations and a big well done! Thank you for being an inspiration to all the new starters!!

  • Thanks :) it's a great little corner of the WWW where everyone is so positive and helpful

  • Well done, you. I bet it feels so good! I would lift a glass of Perrier to you, but my son has drunk it all. I will do a happy dance around my kitchen instead.

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