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So that's that decided then..

Mornin all!

There's been a lot of talk about running round these parts recently.. which is good.

The Bristol 10k is happening on 31 May. I've always had in the back of my mind that 10k is a goal to aim for but surely never achieveable..

Last week I ran a pb of 5.9K. The 10k thoughts have been in my mind all week. A couple of friends entered the Bristol 10k and so the thoughts continued.. yesterday I said that if my run this morning was 6k, then I would seriously consider entering.

Well, I only went and ran 6.47k!!! What?!?!?! So I guess between now and 31 May I can work up towards being able to run 10k - sounds do-able. I'm not a great one for self-belief, but I'm hopeful I can do this.

Payday is next week, so I do think I'm going to enter. I'm scared already.

Time for bacon an egg brekkie now - starving - didn't have much in the way of dinner last night and nothing to eat yet this morning, so after that run I'm certainly in need of refuelling.

If/when I enter, I'm sure to ask for some help/support/encouragement, all of which I know you guys are great at providing.

Have a great weekend everyone.

:) xx

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I'm sure you can do it! I would never have thought I would be doing it myself but after graduation I was left with a bit of a void and ended up having the 10k as a goal (how did that happen??). Not quite there yet but maybe next week or the week after. So if I can do it, so can you :)


Yay Pink, you can do it!! You've got plenty of time to get to 10k and there's not much that can stop a determined woman!!


Good Luck with the preparations PinkAngel, you can do it!


Great to aim for and sounds like you are well on the way...good luck!


I think you've plenty of time to get up to 10k by the end of May. And I've entered for the same race! It'd be really nice if we could identify each other and say hello, but I doubt I'd be able to keep up with you through the race! Well done, you're doing great, as Laura says!


Go on - you know you want to! I'm sure you can build up, but a bit of walk/ run is no shame either.


It's definitely do-able. Work your way up nice and slow and you'll get there. A great challenge, not too far, but just that little bit further than your used to. Good luck!


Yeah get entering, download a proper plan from asics or bupa so you don't over-train. 10ks are great, better than 5s! Easier i think as they are less rushed


Yay PinkAngel!

"This Girl Can", and as Laura kept reminding us "You can do this".

Three times a week: Short Run, Fast Run, Long Run, don't increase your long run by more than 10% a week. Haven't done the maths but I reckon you'll be OK For 10km at the end of May. Good Luck!

Reply really should go for it, I am hoping to be there too, its a nice easy route and i got a PB last year too :)


I checked the route and it looks good - pretty flat which makes it attractive.

If (when - I am going to do this) I sign up next week I'm sure we can catch up and Johnblake too.

I still need to do that elusive parkrun.. been including some road bridges (over rail tracks) to help me deal with Ashton Court - so just need to find the opportunity now.

Hope your training is going well.

:-) xx


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