Okay, where's the science???

There is definitely some science/magic going on here. Five/six weeks ago I struggled, puffed, panted and generally dragged my a**e around for 8 x 60 second runs. My breathing was all over the place, I was fast then slow and genuinely believed that this would be another flash in the pan for me trying stuff and jacking it in. However, today I did W5R2 and it was actually ok - again!! I say again as I say on every run that I won't be able to do it and every time I actually can and it's actually ok (although not so sure for the next!!). My breathing is ok, my legs and knees are fine and I didn't die! I know 2 x 8 minute runs is nowhere near the goal on W9R3 but it is massively hugely fantastically amazing for me. So, there must definitely be some science/magic that is working on me in my area!!!


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  • I'm still amazed everytime I go out and do another run - so well done and enjoy the feeling !!

  • You CAN do it ! It just works. No magic, its just hard work done by you. Enjoy W5R3, that really will get you happy !!

  • It's a combination of getting fitter and headology. You can do more than you realise if only your brain will let you. The little increments tell you it's only a few more seconds, it's only a few more minutes you've done this before and you managed it and all those little increments add up to something amazing. I can't get over how hard the first two weeks were. I didn't tell anyone I was starting in case I gave up early. I couldn't bear anyone thinking it's just another flash in the pan

  • I did that too, Pollynorris - kept it secret for the first two weeks. Would have been longer if we hadn't been on holiday on the third and I had to either 'fess up or give up. I chose the former, and was amazed at my husband's reaction. I thought he'd think I was silly, but he said he was proud of me. He's even more proud now that I've graduated...

  • Well done - stand by to be even more amazed when you run for 20 minutes!

  • The slow and steady improvements to your fitness and stamina build over the first few runs/weeks, but then it flicked over to 'mind-over-matter' training, which was W5R3 for me. Its pretty clever the way it builds up, but it also proves to you that YOU CAN DO THIS at the same time - which is half the battle.

    Enjoy the magic!

  • I hear ya!!! I too went out and did W5R2 this morning and actually felt I could've run for longer both times. How?!! Amazing! Bring on Saturday's 20 minutes eh?!

  • Are you not just a little bit scared though AuntieTed? I didn't know how I was going to continue for eight minutes but when Laura said that I was half way though and then that I only had 60 seconds left I was gobsmacked as I thought I still had a long way to go. So, I completely get you when you say you could have continued for longer both times but 20 minutes with no break in between is something else!! I know I have consistently surprised myself with the programme, having never ever run before, not even at school, but I am apprehensive to say the least! x

  • In all honesty? Absolutely terrified but in Laura I trust!!! I think.... I find that the runs get easier as they go on - so this morning the 2nd 8mins seemed easier than the first. I just don't understand it but I am enjoying it. Are you doing W5R3 on Saturday too? x

  • Trust in Laura. Take it slow... W5R3 is as much a mental thing as a physical one... you can do it (you already ran for 16 minutes in R2 remember)... :)

  • Unfortunately not as we've got stuff on all weekend and I really don't think that there will be enough time. I'm out tonight, all day tomorrow and all day on Sunday although I may get up early on Sunday if time allows. Please please let us know how you get on though - you're definitely going to be my inspiration! x

  • I set my alarm to go out before the rest of the house gets up! Will let you know how I get on. Must say the closer it gets the more nervous I feel! Enjoy your weekend xx

  • I was not convinced I could do 20mins non stop so I just started moving my legs and that was it ! at the end of the 20mins I was in tears from how proud I was - amazing feeling. Go for it and trust how well prepared you are :)

  • There is a great deal of science behind it... the slow build up of your fitness that allows you to run for 20 minutes non-stop (and then beyond that) is based on lots of studies that show intervals are great for building endurance (Week 1 is your first ever interval session). By taking it slow and steady and repeating things each week, your body responds by getting fitter and adapts to this new thing called "running"...

    Before you know it you can do things you never thought (and until you've trained for them you couldn't) do... it's an amazing thing the body and it's an amazing thing when you let this programme build your body into a running machine...

    All these little things that get you running for 60 seconds, then 90 seconds, then 3 minutes, then 5, then 8, then 20... they all work together and in sequence to get you to 30 minutes non-stop...

    From then on you can use exactly the same techniques to go even further if you want to...

    It's amazing... it's also a lot of fun.... once you're fitter than you've ever been (for me at least) there is no going back!

  • Hear hear - and don't be afraid of Wk5 R3. You CAN do it. Laura says. She told me I could, and I did. Same goes for weeks 6,7,8 & 9, by the way...

  • Isn't it incredible? I know what you mean - you wonder how the heck you're ever going to complete a podcast run and then lo and behold - you do! And believe me when it comes to W9 you'll be ready. You just will be. It's the genius of the program.

    Good luck with the remainder of the prog.

  • Well done and this c25k is an amazing programme. You'll be fine on your w5r3, just as you have been for all your previous runs :)

  • You have put the effort in and now you are reaping the rewards and believe me when I tell you that it continues long after graduation. Running is one of the best kept secrets in our modern world and C25k is the best way to start. We are all capable of doing way more than we believe. Don't doubt yourself any longer, now is time to believe in the unlikely, if not impossible. Before you do W5R3 I recommend some extensive facial stretching, otherwise the subsequent grin, that you will inevitably have, can cause injuries.

    keep running, keep smiling.

  • Just done the same run and I'm with you totally!!! It's amazing isn't it!! bring on Saturday!!!!! Xx

  • Enjoy every moment Lorraine. Don't tell anyone but w5r3 is the best run of the whole programme ;)

  • Agree with ancient mum: I did W5R3 on Tuesday and was on a high all day!

  • Hi.

    Missed this one yesterday. Good for you - you are more than half way through the programme - just stick with it. I will be cheering you on all the way

  • It might be science, but it really does feel like magic, doesn't it! It's 18 months since I had to lie down for 30 mins to recover from week 1 run 1 and this week in my build up to my first half marathon in September I ran just over 18km. It wasn't fast, but I did it - and I after my cool down walk at the end, I didn't even need to sit down (shower, yes, lie down, no!). Trust the program, listen to Laura and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. While you are doing each run, remember to look up and smile - think of how far you have already come. That's the magic.

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