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I think the heats getting to me!!

As my alarm didn't go off this morning thanks to kids being on Easter Holidays I deffered W5R2 till tonight, wow my route at 6 am in the morning is the complete opposite to my route come 7.30pm. It was hot, very busy, and I nearly got cycled over twice ... I loved the 8 minute runs but I think I got caught up in the busy feeling and didn't pace myself well, the bulging eyes and big red excerise flushed cheeks on the last leg homeward bound was definitely a testament to that, thank goodness it was starting to get dark ... I'm a bit scared for Friday now W5R3 seems to everyone's doozy 🙈

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Take heart - you are ready! Trust in Laura and just remember to take things really slow. Start stretching those facial muscles as you will have such a grin once you are done.

...and you a right a few hours difference can often completely change a run!


You will be fine. I'm the opposite to you (prefering to run in the evening and not coping as well in the mornings).

Yes - you do kind of take your life in your hands at that hour. I've nearly been cleared up a couple of times by cars reversing off their driveway, driving up kerbs onto the pavement, cars not indicating their are turning and then turning etc

Still here to tell the tail though.

You will smash your next run - don't stress about it too much. Just take your time and trust in the program and it will get you there! (I think most people worried about that run because it seems a big jump. But you are definitely ready!)


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