Couch to 5K

Was on the verge of sending a distress flare as the gremlins had me temporarily pinned to the sofa! 😯😜

Oh dear, after happily getting back into the routine after a temporary halt, last week was a struggle!!... I was helping a friend pack up and move house most of the week and thought I'd head out in the evening once back home but it just didn't happen. 'You're too tired' they said, as the gremlins snuggled up on the sofa with me and then sat on my lap, 'it's too cold/rainy, stay here cosy with us'... and I did 🙄🙈

They even got me Monday but yesterday I finally heaved them off and got back to w7r1 🏃🏻‍♀️

I think part of the issue is I don't enjoy the evening running crowd, a super unfriendly group of gazelles and alpha males. I've lost track of the number of times I've get over taken and blanked or stared at in horror when I've tried to smile and say hello 😐 The morning route by the river became too muddy with the winter weather, hopefully I'll be able to get back to it soon 😊

Happy running 🏃🏻‍♀️

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Oh dear... that has made me feel sad...Not you and the pesky gremlins... but the unfriendly few.. what a shame :)

A real contrast with AnneDroid , check her post out on Bridge to 10K... I wonder why folk find it so hard to just nod or smile sometimes ?

But.. you are not like thta.. a good friend helping your friends out and resisting those pesky energy sappers!

So fingers crossed for better weather, a drier running path and cheery runner.s

Go you! x


If i were you I would just ignore them just remember who you are doing this for you will find what can only be described as conceited runners only interested in themselves who belittle those they consider to not be of their standard. luckily for me I go on my own so don't tend to see many people early in the morning but take heart the majority are polite and some may even encourage you when you are out.


Thanks both 😊 the morning crowd were lovely and friendly, the occasional thumbs up as I shuffled along and the cyclist I've never forgotten who told me I was doing great. It's not the friendliest area but I'll keep persisting, you never know, I might break some of them eventually! 😉


That's the spirit


Yes don't worry about the gazelles. I don't see many on my runs. I don't often see them except prancing around the lake which I largely avoid mainly because of dog walkers and sometimes slippy surface. I usually give a quick sort of acknowledging nod. mostly no reply from the gazelles.

Don't worry about it now after nearly a year of running. Anyway I think of myself as "Tigger" as the song goes "They're bouncy , bouncy bouncy and wonderful things". Gazelles are boring !!

Keep us all posted !

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Hopefully they're all just zoned out with focus rather than unfriendly. :( Well done for W7R1. You're close to that 30 minutes now, tell the gremlins that next time they try to stop you with their promises of warmth and comfort! :)


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