New running shoes

A month or so on from graduation, I decided to see whether the niggling aches I am getting could be reduced with new shoes. I spent a happy half hour with a nice young man in our local specialist running shop, who examined my naked feet in various positions, watched me run from various angles, and then prescribed a couple of options. I am now the proud owner of a pair of garish Brooks shoes, resplendent in navy blue, purple, orange and pink with silver flashing. They look great with my various pieces of Dayglo Lycra. I tried them out for a shortish run followed by a longer walk and am waiting for the miracle to occur.

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  • pic? it is customary to :D we love seeing new shoes :D I certainly noticed the difference when I got mine after graduating :D hopefully you feel the benefit soon :D

  • It's a real treat, getting proper running shoes. I have Brooks, to, and I love mine. They make me feel different when I put them on! Enjoy!

  • Yes you have to post a picture. It's compulsory here as we're so nosey!

  • Ok, have posted a picture on a new thread!

  • Oh tarnation! Off to find a pic of some shiny new shoes. Come to mummy my pretties

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