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DH and I are complete running novices. We've done three week one runs. He claims he trainers are doing well (I bought him some cheapie ones to try the running in, didn't want to fork out for him to give up after the first run) but my shoes are not designed to run in. They are giving me pain down the outer edge of my foot. So...

What shoes do you run in? Where are they from? How much were they?

Don't know if this helps but I have size 8 (!!!!!) feet that are very wide.

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Hi Rokenswife,

My advice would be to get yourself to a runners shoe shop and have your gait analysed before shelling out a lot of cash. Any good running shoe shop will do this for free and will sell you the appropriate shoe. Mine are a men's fit. I went to Up and Running in Leeds and they were most helpful. Also they did not try to sell me the dearest pair. I told them I wanted to spend IRO £50 but, thanks to birthday gift tokens from my son and D-I-L, mine were £115. Way beyond my budget!

Running in wrong shoes will only do you harm and you don't want that.

Good luck and take the plunge.


I travelled to find a 'Sweatshop' (there are several, nationwide and they have a website). Had brilliant help from the manager (an experienced runner), had gait analysed, feet measured, and an opportunity to try (I seem to recall) about a dozen different shoes - all of which would have suited my needs ... They have loads! I settled for Brooks, because they felt very special, but I have no doubt that there are different shoes/ styles/ sizes/ widths/ support to suit all of us - by different manufacturers!

I was told that I could have 30 days to try them out and if they didn't suit I could return them - even if mucky and muddy! I reckoned that was just about as fair a test of careful salesmanship as one could ask for! :)

Once you find a brand/type/size which suits you, you could buy online ... There are often sales bargains to be had and who really cares if they are last season's colour?

By the way - a little caution about going directly to online before you've been properly measured in a shop, is that you may well find that you need a different size from your usual daytime shoes! The design of the shoes for purpose and allowing for socks and toe movement etc meant I needed to buy 1 1/2 sizes larger! I love my shoes to bits! :D

Enjoy your shopping, cheers Linda


I visited where they have every type of running shoe you can imagine! They even have a helpful guide that ensures that you pick the shoe that's right for you -

I bought my Asic Gel 1160 trainers from them after using the guide & I have to say that I love them & they're still going strong nearly two years later (however I run on a treadmill so they will last longer than if I ran outside)! I bought myself another pair from Sports Direct as they were discontinued / in the sale. If you can, visit a shop where you can get your gait analysed - they will then recommend some shoes.

I can understand you not wanting to splash the cash at this early stage but it is very important you get the correct footwear as you can cause yourself some real damage - you say you already have pain in your foot. At the end of the day, what's more important - spending £40 or £50 or hurting yourself, possibly permanently?


The way I look at this is to say that smokers are spending £7 to £8 per 20 cigarettes, and they smoke, say 20 per day. This works out at £50 or so per week. All of a sudden, running shoes start looking remarkably good value for money.

I not suggesting you are smoker, but in real term even the most expensive running shoes start looking good value.

Just another way of looking at it ~ however, the best advice is to say to pop along to a good running shop and get your gait analysed.


I went to a sweat shop and had my gait analysed. It turns out I have low arches and had a custom insole made to fit the shoes which they do instore. I was almost afraid to start running as I get lower back pain and pain in my right knee since running with the custom insoles and proper running shoes I haven't had any pains other than sore muscles. It wasn't cheap but the benefits outweigh the cost.


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