my new running shoes

my new running shoes

Thanks for all your advice about having running shoes that are a size larger than you normally where to run, but it didn't feel right and I am worried a larger shoe may damage my feet if they are constantly trying to push towards the front of the shoe. Anyway, I have my first run in the shoes tomorrow and its my first run outside too, will keep you all informed.


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7 Replies

  • They look lovely. My running shoes are a full size bigger than my normal size, as advised by a specialist running shop. Did you try running in them in the shop when you bought them? Good luck on your run, hope they are comfy for you! :-)

  • I went to a running store - but I have wonky feet and have orthotics! They got me on a treadmill, videoed my gait and sorted me out! They are slightly bigger but the support is great. My Cycling shoes are Three sizes bigger than normal! they look like canoes! but they are massively more comfortable - means I can go for longer. The numerical sizes are a good guideline but we need a fit which works for the task. You'l probably find your feet swell with the run and they'll fit better as a result!

  • I strongly believe that everyone's feet are wonky. There is no such thing as 'ordinary' feet. We are just pushed into believing that.

    My daughter has great difficulty getting shoes as her feet are apparently very narrow. You may imagine that sparrows look at her and think, 'Crikey she's got skinny feet', but no. They look perfectly ordinary. They just don't come into the range that shoe shops like to sell most of.

    I love my trainers, they are for mild over-pronators. I wear them all the time now as they are sooooo comfortable. Why aren't all shoes designed to meet this need?

    I haven't had gait analysis done yet, though I have made a booking for the beginning of Sept. Looking forward to it!

  • hmmm..... never considered that my feet would swell while running..... well tonight is the test, will see what happens, thanks again guys for all your advice and thoughts.

  • Mine are a half size bigger and I find that sufficient room for my toes. Some shoes are narrower in the toe box than others though. I have to try them on to make sure there's wiggle room to accommodate my toes, and then some. Just something to think about when buying running shoes. Not so much space that your foot slides forward. It's a good idea to buy them from a proper running shop as they will find a shoe to fit you and take account of your gait etc

    Try running up and down hill in the shoes and see how they feel. If they slip about you might need to swap them as they will give you blisters. Avoid tying them too tight! Tie them sufficiently tightly only to secure the laces.

    Good luck with them. Have a good run

  • Love the colour. Keep us in the loop

  • I used to run a womens footwear department and have never heard of buying shoes that are too big! Buy shoes that fit and have a small gap between toe of shoe and your toe. Leather stretches slightly when worn regularly. Loving the shoes, great colour!

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