Thinking laterally

As some of you know, I have foolhardedly entered the Leeds 10K in July.

Lots of suggestions were made for programmes to follow to get me there (thank you all). But true to form I have decided to plough my own erratic furrow. The trouble is, I seem to be stuck at a very slow pace. Try as I might, I can't seem to run 5K in under 39 minutes. So most of the bridge to 10K programmes seemed too ambitious for me. They assume a higher level of competence than I feel I have.

My answer? I have decided to do Couch to 5K again. But this time instead of 'jogging' when Laura says 'jog' I will run as fast as I comfortably can. Not exactly a sprint, but certainly a strong pace I couldn't maintain for 30 minutes. I did Week1 run 1 today and amazingly, despite the walk breaks, my pace was still just over 8 minutes per K- i.e. a 40 minute 5K. I am hoping this means that as the 'jog' segments get longer my average pace will improve further. I really don't want to start training for a 10K until I can run 5K in 30 minutes so I that's my goal by Week 9. I'll keep you posted!


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16 Replies

  • Brilliant idea.

    May well copy you later in the year!

    Good luck x

  • It has worked for others I believe, but I think you should start to increase your duration and distance too, maybe on one run per week. This improves your overall stamina and your cardio vascular system, which will pay off on the speed front on shorter runs. Weekly increases of 10% are quoted as being sensible, to avoid risk of injury. Don't try to increase your speed at the same time as duration and distance, just find a steady pace and try to maintain it. Good luck. You've got plenty of time.

  • Thank you monsieur. I will try for duration and distance once I have finished the next 9 weeks. I think I have been so anxious to run at a 'comfortable' pace that I have developed a really lazy style, so that I actually run slower than I can walk briskly! I need to rack it up a gear, then will proceed to the 10K programme. I'm realistic. I know I'm not going to compete with 30, 40.50 or even 60 year olds but I want to be the best I can be for my age. I was ever an over-achiever!

  • Did you do the post C25k podcasts (still with Laura) the Stamina, Speed and Steppings Stones? I really enjoy those and keep going back to them. I joined our local council's running group too which made me move up a gear. I was doing Sami Murphy's Bridge to 10 k until I hurt myself through being over-ambitious. I'm 56 but think I'm 26! Good luck with your training programme Turtle.

  • I'm off running at the moment but last year I started trying to add just a few minutes each week and found that my speed naturally increased. I also tried to include some hills in the runs. At this stage I think it's more about getting the miles in the legs than anything else. I am 57 and would rather keep running than over push myself and get injured. Just keep getting out there 3 times a week and gradually increase the time to 1 hour.

  • I think you cautious people could be right. My ankles ae a bit sore today and I did worry about losing my footing when I was

    running faster. Mmmmm. Back to the drawing board. The trouble is I really can't spare more than forty minutes out of my day at the moment.

  • That's okay, like I say, getting the miles in the legs is the key. Just keep at it for now (in this diabolical weather :o ) then increase in a few weeks when the weather and daylight improves. July is a fair time away so you don't need to ramp it up yet. If you don't stress about it you'll enjoy it more and it should just come naturally.

  • For lucky me, the weather and daylight will improve next week when I go to New Zealand! So I will have no excuses!

  • I've just come back from Australia where I found it was too hot to run. NZ will be better, I'm sure. As I'm off skiing in a few days I'm not bothering with running til next month now. Have a great trip. :)

  • Good luck. It might be best to try to build up your distance rather than concentrate too much on speed at the moment. You could do 2 x 5k runs then 1 day a week do a longer run. You could start by adding 10% each week until you reach 10k, then at least you know you can run that distance. You can concentrate on getting the speed up after that. Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  • I have same problem and someone suggested bupa beginners 10k plan so im going to start tomorrow It might suit you too as it presumes you can do 5k in around 40mins 1st2weeks have walking intervals so going to start at wk 3 Plan to repeat wks more than once and also use the 30 min run to do speed or stamina 5k+ with laura or even hills !Mabye you shouldn't get too hung up on 5k on 30mins I think I'll never run that but it's only a number Not sure if you've done a parkrun but great way to get official time and good to run in race conditions I have seen time getting better by few secs Good luck in your training

  • My ankles today are telling me that the Bupa programme is the way to go Fitfor60! I think I will print it out and stick it on the fridge so I can check it before I go out and tick each run off.

  • Sounds good Son in law loaded Nike + on phone so I can set it to distance and every mile or so it lets me know how far I've gone Also downloaded 60s music and put on shuffle -- some tracks really cheesy but they make me smile Quite looking forward to following structured plan again Let me know how you get on with it

  • Turnturtle - I also run so slowly that I think I could speed walk quicker! I think I could run faster but just think I won't complete my runs if I do. Good luck with your running.

  • I don't worry about being fast. Slow is fine by me. You get to the end just more slowly that's all. As you jog along you're still eating up those miles and building stamina. Better to be building stamina than lying on the sofa with your foot on a cushion, which is where some of us are right now through being too impetuous. LOL New Zealand sounds like a great holiday in the making Turtle. My sister lived there for a year but she said it was very hilly!!!!

  • Slow is fine as long as I'm not trailing along miles behind everyone as i did in both my Park Runs so far. Very disheartening! My daughter moved to NZ 6 years ago so I know it quite well by now and I have my running route already planned-around the (very flat) inner estuary at Napier! Can't wait.

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