Wk 2 Complete with added benefits!

Just completed W2R3 and still enjoying the journey. The added benefit is it seems to have kick started my metabolism!

I've already lost 6 stone and one of the reasons for taking up C25K was to help shift the last couple of stones and up my fitness generally.

Having reached a bit of a plateau with the weight loss I'm thrilled that after only 6 runs the pounds have started to shift again - if anyone needs another incentive to start this program I think that's a good one.

Happy Easter all! :-)


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  • Well done, Sazzle! You're really on the C25K journey now. Things start to build up from this point, and you'll really be amazed at the progress you'll make, and how your fitness will quickly improve.

  • Thanks Steve_L - I'm amazed I can run for 90 seconds but not sure about 3 minutes on my next run!

  • Remember glass half full not half empty. It's definitely a mind set is running and you certainly have a fantastic mind set to lose 6 stone. I have total faith u can do this :) J

  • Thats an incredible weight loss..well done and good luck on the programme!!

  • Thanks juicyju :-)

  • Wowzers what fantastic weight loss already. Well done.

    Good luck with the programme you'll get loads of support on here. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks Noaky - this has been an amazing place for advice and support from day 1 :-)

  • What a sucess story! Really well done.

  • Thanks fredl - partial success but well on my way :-)

  • There is a series of programs on at the moment "the truth about...". One of them mentioned that running intervals was very beneficial for using calories. Apparently you use a lot more than he amount for the combined runs. But it has to be hard intervals, which for people doing c25k is pretty much the norm :)

    I've lost a little bit less than you and I found c25k useful too. Plateau'd again now, but that's more to do with what I eat then the exercise.

    good luck with week 4 - it's starting to get serious now :)

  • Yes saw that too - been an interesting series. The boost to weight loss has been a pleasant surprise, as has how much I'm enjoying running. Must admit it makes me think more about what I'm eating as I don't want to undo any good work I'm doing with exercise. Week 4??....eek got week 3 to do first!!

  • Well done that is already a great achievement, stick at it and you will get to where you want to be. Enjoy C25K and run with a smile, happy running. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks New-to-jogging that's the one thing that's sure - I run with a ridiculous grin on my face and have my music on loud. Loving it!!

  • Sazzle that is excellent. Keep it up and very soon you will have two things to celebrate about. Well done :) J

  • Well done and keep grinning!

  • Hi Saz! Happy Easter. Glad to hear you're enjoying your running. That's half the battle. Well done on your amazing weight loss so far. I know you have a bit more to lose but you will! You will do it, with your commitment and drive, you'll nail it

    The sessions are a bit hard at first but if you go nice and slow you'll finish them all ok and not get injured

    Enjoy yourself out there! Happy running

  • Well done! I am at the me time point, I'm hoping my metabolism kicks in too! Looking forward to next week!!

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