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With side benefits :)

W4R2 safely under my belt this morning. If this heatwave (!) keeps up I might have to consider starting out with slightly less layers. Was glowing quite a bit when I got back but it felt really good.

Anyone, on to side benefits. Went out to buy new black trousers for work this afternoon. Took about 6 different styles in my usual size into the changing room but I had to send them all back as they were way to big :D

Ended up buying a pair a size smaller. Felt a little snug but we'd just had a lovely dinner. Think I might actually be changing shape :)

Can't wait for run 3 on Tuesday (but mild panic is setting in re W5).

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Well done!!! Its a lovely feeling when you clothes feel to big isn't it....just the motivation you need to keep going.


Enjoy feeling smug, you deserve it! ;) Yep, the layers are now reducing (well in the south anyway) so that can only be a good thing right?! Glad you had a good run.



Congratulations, quite normal to feel apprehensive about R3 of W5, you'll crack it I'm sure :)


Woohoo and well done Pam! Isn't it glorious to go down a size... I haven't lost an ounce yet but my trousers for work kept falling down so I had to buy new... and even got 'skinnies'. What a joke - I haven't been skinny since I was 11! The weeks become as much mental as physical ahead of you ... Just approach them all with a positive 'can-do' attitude, go slowly and steadily and you'll emerge the victor! Lots of luck with them all. Linda :)


Thanks everyone! I am so enjoying this! Me - running - unheard of!


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