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Week 1 Day 1 - DONE!

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I've been wanting to start for weeks but wanted to lose a bit of weight before I tried. But,I decided to stop putting off and actually did it and it was fine. My feet were hardly lifting off the floor on the last jog but I did it and it feels good. And I can still walk. Feeling good :-)

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Very well done for making a start - you'll be amazed by the progress that you make if you just keep following the programme. It really does work wonders! Good luck, and keep posting. You'll get lots of support and encouragement from everyone on here :)

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Yes, well done for starting. Just keep at it, and in a couple of months, you'll be a real runner!

Well done for starting - it's a brilliant course, welcome on board!

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Just a word of caution - don't rely on C25K and running in general as a means to losing weight. It doesn't work like that. I don't want to pour cold water on your hopes, but this is about fitness rather than weight loss. It will help, but you must be taking other action at the same time.

I'm sure everyone has their opinions about this, but my OH and I started the 5:2 fast diet a year and a bit ago. She's lost 3 stone now. I think it's good because it doesn't make your life a misery. On the non-fast days you can almost eat normally.

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WristyGraduate in reply to Steve_L

Completely agree. I started back on c25k in Jan after doing Slimming World for a couple of months. I find they complement each other well, in sofar as that weight loss AND fitness wouldn't work without the other

Welcome no more and well done on getting the first run done. You've made a really great decision to do this programme and, if you stick with it, it'll change your life. The benefits are huge and the support here is second to none.

I love your last sentence.. That bodes well. Feeling good will get you through the weeks.

Well done for getting out and doing the first run!

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Well done. I can identify with hardly lifting your feet as i was the same, and i guess there are quite a few here who can walk in your shoes. Slow is just fine so go steady and you will be fine

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super well done, starting and actually taking those first steps is the hardest part , way to go :D

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Wow what an achievement!That first run of week 1 is, in my opinion the hardest!!! It's got you off the couch and on the run, it takes a lot to make that first step but you've done it and it didn't kill you lol!! In the weeks to come you will have some great experiences but also some challenges. Just hold onto the feeling you have now and remember it is worth it😊😊😊😊

Thanks for the encouraging replies :-)

I'm not relying on just the c25k to try and lose weight. I've already lost half a stone over the last few weeks and felt it was time I could begin. Initially I had worried that I'd need to lose more before actually starting but I decided to go for it.

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Steve_LGraduate in reply to nomore

Great. I really hope you enjoy your journey. Keep talking to us here.

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Well done NoMore,

Getting off the couch for the first time is the biggest step. As you progress through the programme you will find it easier to motivate yourself as you prove that you CAN do it. It's not easy, but there are loads of people on here who have been through exactly what you have. They know how hard it is, what difficulties you will face AND how great it feels to succeed even if it is not first time.

Post regularly on here so that you can get support if needed and motivate others as you progress.

Good luck with your journey to fitness (and weight loss).

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Well done! I remember week 1 run 1 like it was yesterday because I felt like I was still running an hour after I had stopped! Good Luck and stick to it - you will love it!

Well done! Actually taking the first steps is the hard part, youv'e done that with a smile, keep it up and you will become addicted like the rest of us. Happy running. 😊

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Well done! You've done the hardest part :) in a few weeks time you will be so shocked and proud of the improvement you've made :)

As for weight loss, if you're following a healthy balanced diet then running will certainly help, I've lost one stone since I started C25K (in January) and made changes to my diet at the same time and I'm much toner now.

Good luck and enjoy the journey, it's tough but fun :)

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the big 'family' of runners. We are a friendly bunch, and never worry about asking anything....the chances are that other are wondering too!

You will no doubt find that some runs are good, and some and really, really, really bad....but on balance the good ones win hands-down. We all find that.

Keep going, and look back in a couple of weeks time. You will be amazed at where you are! If you are running outdoors on the same route, look where you get to now when you get out of breath, and than look in a few weeks time.

Finally, look up 'running for my existence' on Youtube. If Roger can do it...so can we.

PS. In my book you are now a runner.

Go you. Also just done my first day on week 1. Keep it up

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