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Week 1 Day 1 Done!

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Hi fellow C25kers :D With a goal to lose 10kg and liking the structure of C25K, I jumped right onto the program and now day 1 is complete! Quite happy with myself since I'm the definition of a couch potato (even though I was running on a treadmill, only covered 3.94 km (not 5km) and I was watching youtube). I guess it's better than not running! :)

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Congratulations on starting!

Remember that the course isn’t about reaching 5k (misleading I know!) but about running for 30 minutes.

Not everyone reaches 5k by the end of the course, some try and get there after graduation.

Good luck!

Hey Rammy, thanks so much for your comment- I somehow forgot that it's about endurance and time! I'll definitely keep that in mind 😊

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I have also completed my first run of week one today! On my Birthday too, it was my present to myself. I honestly haven't run anywhere since I was a child so was dreading it, but was chuffed when I managed it. I am looking forward to getting fitter. Well done to you and here's to our next runs.

Wow that's sinply dedication- my birthday present was giving myself another excuse to NOT exercise but I hope that'll change 😁 That's amazing to hear- I love that feeling of accomplishment too. Keep me updated, would love to hear about your runs on our journey 😊

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Check this post out and well done for beginning this great journey:)

Slow and steady and keep posting:)

Oh yes, I'm definitely guilty of not stretching! Will for sure implement it after all my runs 😁


read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... for lots of advice.

Keep posting.

Thanks so much, what a fantastic read. I'm taking notes as I go haha

Congratulations on starting! It's all about doing what you can and using the sessions in a way that works for you. With the help of C25K, and some gentle dieting over the last few months, I have managed to shed 14 kilos so far, so your goal is definitely achievable. Go well!

That's absolutely incredible, what an amazing achievement Aldrin11! Had pizza for dinner (woops) but I'll start some gentle dieting (aka no processed food every night of the week haha) 😁

Well done. Also just complete day 1 of week 1. Go us

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