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Week 1 done (in 4 days)

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I’ve just completed week 1 in 4 days, I had 1 rest day after the first run, but the weather is on my side and tempted me out tonight,

Should I wait out the week or start week 2 after a rest day?

For the distance I’ve included the 5 mins walk at each end, my brisk walk pace is about 42-43 mins for 5K, so I’ll be getting the 5k distance before the full 30 mins run. Am I doing it right?

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Start week 2 after a rest day, but there are some very good reasons why there are rest days in the programme. They are to do with physical recovery, avoiding mental fatigue/burnout and avoiding injury. PLEASE STOP MISSING REST DAYS! They're in there for damn good reasons.

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Every time you run you put micro-tears in your muscles... they need a rest day to recover. If you don’t allow that, they become bigger tears... and then, without notice, they become full on muscle tear... maybe you’d be running again in February, with a weakened muscle. No, you’re not doing it right, far from it.

Take the rest day tomorrow, and I’d strongly recommend a second one to undo any damage you’ve done.

On top of the injury risk, you probably undid all the good the run before was going to do... you’re not a day ahead, you’re probably a couple of days behind.

You’ve chosen a very good plan... trust it and the people who’ve tweaked this over the years. They know what they are doing... reading your profile and post, I’m getting the impression that this is new to you. Do some learning on the journey.

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Hi Lozz, I was speaking to a friend a couple of weeks ago who has been for the last year training for the Dublin marathon. She has been a very keen and able runner for many years and is in great physical shape. She has been able to put in 4-5 runs a week (one of them being a long run 16m +). Seasoned and honed athletes can do this although it still puts massive strain on the body.

My response to your question is, why rush it?

I certainly do not want to p*** on your fireworks, it is great that you feel able to push on and I certainly won't get preachy on your arse!

I know you feel great after completing W1 and may be finding it a bit easy, but it is important to take your rest days, especially early on. One little tear is the difference between enjoying your running and throwing in the towel. C25K is a journey - not a sprint; enjoy it.

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No...follow the C25K programme..rest days are essential.. check out the FAQ for Newbies...the idea is..30 minute runs on the 9th week.. injury free...😉

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Don't miss out rest days. The programme doesn't work without them and also you'll increase the risk of injury. Yes I know you've been told that already but it's important, pretty much for the first YEAR never mind the first week. When you run you actually cause little tiny tears in your muscles. Think about it, you are dropping your whole body weight on one foot over a hundred times a minute. On rest days, those tiny tears repair and - here's the good bit - they get stronger every time they do that. The training only works because of the rest days - they are as much a part of how the training works as the running days are! Now if you keep causing the little tears but missing out the bit where they repair and strengthen ... don't miss out rest days :)

If you haven't already read the guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... please do.

Everybody thinks that they know how to run, right............we all did it as kids, right.........

Unfortunately, as adults, we are prone to injury out of the blue, if we push too hard. That is why the plan is structured progressively and that is why rest days are a crucial part of that structure.

If you want to be the best runner that you can be, then do some other non impact exercise on your rest days, as described in the guide to the plan. This will make you a better runner quicker than trying to run every day.

Forget about pace and ground covered, C25K is duration based and don't make the rookie mistake of thinking that pushing hard will make you a better runner. Slow running builds stamina.

Take care.

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I started doing the c25k program after thinking i knew best, which led to some real pain, starting to move backwards in terms of how far i could run, and having to stop completely for the best part of a month - it's not worth going off piste. I can already run far further after doing this for a couple of weeks than i ever managed flogging my poor legs to death doing 'harder' runs (i was on the verge of seriously injuring myself i think). There are a lot of experienced runners and good advice available here, so it's worth harnessing that with the enthuaiasm you've obviously got for running. Hope you have a great next run (after a few days rest 😁)!

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Just to add to the stern voices. No you are not doing it right.

I do wonder if the programme should stop referring to them as rest days, maybe it makes you feel like you can miss them if you’re not tired.

They are repair days.

Take a couple of them before week 2.

Stick to the plan!!😬

A rest day in between each run is essential, but I would say no more than 2 rest days. Ie, 3 runs in a week, but so long as you have a rest day each time, I think it is ok to do 3 runs in 6 days. I wouldn’t wait 3 dats to start week 2 because then you are having 3 rest days and it might be harder to pick up again. I have started each week a little sooner than the program because I have sometimes completed 3 runs in 6 days, but always having 1 (or 2) rest days. You will realise the importance with the longer runs because your muscles will ache more and you will absolutely feel the importance of the rest days

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Lindsay1968

C25K weeks do not need to coincide with calendar weeks and as long as you take a rest day between runs there is no problem with continuing on alternate days , nor indeed in having more rest days between runs.

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Jell6Graduate in reply to Lindsay1968

Sometimes I have 3 days in between due to work commitments, it's always been ok, the important part is at least 1 repair day 🤩

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