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First 5k RACE tomorrow!!

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Hey everyone! I am set to run in my first 5k race ever tomorrow! I did a "trial run" through the race path and things went fairly well! Pace is so very slow (I gave up on going super fast after a little scare with my feet that kept me from running for about 2 weeks. Nothing crazy, but I definitely dont want to be on the injury couch for longer than that!

But I am back up and running (quite literally) and am excited about the race tomorrow morning! It's supposed to rain... so that should make it even more interesting and memorable!!!

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Well done you for entering, good luck for tomorrow 👍🏻

Let us know how you get on. I want to know what it’s like. I’m on W8R3 next. Nearly there! 👍🏻

Oh you are so close!!!! :)

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Go you.....CONGRATS

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Fantastic! Good luck for tomorrow!! Just take it steady 👍😉

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Very well it Park Run or another race:)

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vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Its a race. I never did do the race back in the fall/winter when I graduated! So this will be my first!!

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to vlmiller1225

Go for it:) Enjoy:)

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How exciting, good luck, will be thinking of you :)

Good Luck. Enjoy yourself 😀. Will there be bling?

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vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to AnnieW55

I do believe so! But i'm not 100 percent positive! either way i'm excited!!

Not necessary but nice to have. Excitement is good (do get some sleep though😄).

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Good luck 😀 sounds really good!

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Good luck!!!

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Great to hear, have a great run. Please feed back to us newbies.

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Good luck for tomorrow! I've just finished week 1 and my aim is 5K Race for Life in June. So feed back please. Look at the rain as keeping you cool so you can steadily...

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vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Maybe58

yes for sure! i completed the program back in November but never signed up for a 5k... i'm very excited!

Well done you sending you lots of luck, strong legs and happy feet for tomorrow

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Ohhhhh...I’m looking forward to your victory post 🎉

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vlmiller1225Graduate in reply to Mummycav

I can’t wait either!!!!!! 😀 race starts in an hour and 20 mins!

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