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A perfect morning for a run with sunshine and a more civilised time at 7am. I have finally got my clothing right with fewer layers. As I run for longer my core temperature is higher and I need less layers. Next step is to put together a running play list as I had it on shuffle this morning with some really random tracks from opera to 80s. 25 minutes run next which I can't quite imagine but I know I need to start slow. I haven't experienced the endorphins but hope they kick in soon.

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Yep go nice and slow and you'll nail that run

Good luck


I get the endorphins afterwards, it's like a sort of slightly exhausted thrilled state. I didn't realise this was endorphins at first, but for example in the morning after a run I need less coffee and my brain feels really busy and positive. Maybe you're getting a very slight endorphin effect, but yet to really feel it.


Ruth. I get it then. I have more energy. Feel better about things so that must be endorphins. Unfortunately they don't imorove my running -yet but hopefully will do.


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