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Completed this run this morning. I was supposed to do this yesterday morning but my partner came home yesterday morning so I had my nurses head on and didn't want to go out! Found this run quite challenging this morning because of head gremlins not body gremlins. I haven't had it before where my head is against me but was quite the battle!

I still completed it which is the main thing but it has made me worry that the head gremlins are something that won't go away now?

On a more positive note I did 3.3km which is my longest so far!

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Congrats on completing today! hope the poorly patient is recovering. Head gremlins are the worst! but you did overcome them, so you know it can be done. be proud of that, and know that you can do it again :)

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to jiggles7

The struggle was very real and I am worried that if it happens again I won't be able to push through but on the other hand I am very determined so will try my absolute best!

C25K doesn't just prepare your body to battle gremlins, it teaches you about battling head gremlins just as much - and a few other things as well.

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I did mine this morning and I also had head gremlins and found this run quite a struggle. Felt brilliant for doing it but really thought I wouldn't get to the end. Well done to us though :-)

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to MDaw35

I wonder why we found this so hard? The actual run was fine but it was just my head on both 10 minute runs. This is the first time I didn't enjoy a run... I felt good for doing it but I still didn't get the buzz I normally do?!

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MDaw35Graduate in reply to Hattie27

Completely agree with your comments. Weird isn't it xx

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Well done for keeping going. I’ll look out for the head gremlins as I approach W6 and try to dodge them.

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to Liz5K

Yes make sure you hurdle them as they come your way!

Keep going :)

The gremlins do like to hang around that week 6 bit unfortunately, but you beat 'em!

They might be be back, and you know how to handle them now. Anyways its pure running from now on Hattie, you'll be well away ...we all know how much you love those runs!

Good work with the pesky gremlins.

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to

Thank you! Didn't realise that was my last interval! I do prefer it without, it feels more consistent!

in reply to Hattie27

Absolutely that W6R1 got me, because of all the stop starting it felt like the first five minutes... but all the way around! 😱

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to

Exactly that!!!

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Many congrats on getting through this one.

Out of interest when did the gremlins start on your run? I tend to have them for the first couple of mins until I break the routes back. Usually thinking along the lines of "What am I doing", "Why am I running?" "What am I running from?" "Where am I running to?" "I still haven't had breakfast", "I'm going to fail this run" "I've peaked already" 🤣 Once I'm far enough away from home I start to enjoy it and forget about that and starting to feel a little bit like a runner .

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to sHAYM4N

Thank you. Well I haven't really had gremlins before just maybe body gremlins but I can use my head to force them away this time was head gremlins and it started when Sarah said I was halfway through the first run and continued through until I finished unfortunately!

Well done!!

I think anyone that does this is amazing!!

What you need is to be proud of how far you have come!!

You are over half way through!! You can totally do it!

I have faith in you 😊

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to Ibot

Thank you - I won't be quitting!

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Well done, I just did W6R2 this afternoon. I have to agree that I didn’t enjoy it either but I’m glad it’s over!

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Hattie27Graduate in reply to JeJoS

Onwards and upwards for us both!!

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