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I don't know how but yay I completed W6R2 yesterday morning.... (soz for the late post but MrM and I still had serious wedding outfit shopping to do for my life long friends wedding this coming weekend)

With all the walking/ shopping we've done this week my legs were screaming at me to stop so much so that I wouldn't really say I was running more like a halfhearted bobbing brisk walking pace but I kept going and completed the route/jog😬 .... like I said I don't know how it really was a struggle and not an enjoyable run 😒(I might have to repeat this run before I move on)

I suffered all day yesterday my legs ached like mad getting in and out of the car and those hills in Brighton have really pushed my muscles to the limit... I don't think I've seriously injured myself or actually pulled a muscle but for the first time in the program...boy do I really ache... 😱

Problem is next run W/6R3 is due on Saturday but I'll be away ..and busy with the girls visiting the nail bar hairdressers lunch n the wine bar (lucky me) and the wedding is on Sunday...and I'm guessing Monday could be slightly delicate for a run...😬know I should make time for the run but I do really ache and I really don't wanna be suffering at the wedding it's for such a special friend that I've known all my life and have been looking forward to wearing my posh frock hat n heels.... instead of shorts vest and trainers...

Ohhhhh what to do?

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Lots of massage, gentle exercises and maybe rolling too..you need to be on form for the big day! Heels... gosh.. have not worn those for a while:)

You know your runs will still be there and you know that you will be fine..you have fun, enjoy and come back to that run with a light heart and happy thoughts to carry you forward:)

Have a super time :)

Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss I must invest in the roller I now know why one is required 😬 .... bit disappointed with my Run yesterday n feeling a bit low about it but hey I'm sure I'll recover and get back on track to the podium....😊 Lol @ the heels I've packed some rather glittery flip flops for the evening.... just incase!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Julie-Mirko

Don't please feel despondent...you are doing wonderfully, and we sometimes forget how frantically busy our lives are...:)

When I was doing a WR 10K revisited plan, one of the days was a rest day... with no exercise at all not even gardening or housework, jut real simple rest... I found it so hard to do but it paid off..

The flip flops sound great! We had those at my daughter's wedding.. big basket of white ribboned ones... they were all used as the evening went on!!

Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Ok thank you x chins up 😊 today should be restful... just the drive up to friends and then I can put my feet up!


Well done on your run! I am a run behind you so your posts are a good head's up on what to expect next. I think W6 may just be an achey week as the runs get longer. I've started taking 2 rest days and it is definitely helping.

For the wedding - get up early on Saturday and do your run before the pampering begins! You can do it!

Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Beck1970

Hey Beck thank you ... OMG don't take notice of my post I usually complain lol but congratulations on joining the program too it's a great forum with lots of good advise and support x not sure Saturday will be a good idea I need my dancing legs for the Sunday evening πŸ˜‚ but I've also packed my gym bag/trainers so I'm good to go if I don't ache anymore! X


Well done mate, you have a few days rest, you are doing amazingly well. XxX

Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Martin_Rose

Thank you M ... back up in London and staying with friends... not sure I will get much rest and running is definitely out the window for a couple of days.. I need my legs to recover for the big wedding and lots of dancing on Sunday x


Nooooo...I wouldn't repeat that run...you've completed it, I know it wasn't easy but you did it & you're doing amazing!!! if I were you I'd go and enjoy the wedding weekend...& I'd aim to do R3 maybe early Tues morning??? The extra few days 'rest' could work wonders both physically & mentally....

I hope you have a lovely time at the wedding, sounds like your friend's very special...😊😊 let your hair down!!! x

Julie-MirkoGraduate in reply to Mummycav

Hey Mummycav thank you definitely taking a few days off my legs still ache today... and yes he's one special friend... known him all My life ... nice to see him finally settle down there will be a few tears on Sunday!

An indulgent girly type weekend sounds such fun, and a couple of days off won't hurt. Delicate running, mmm I've done it and won't be doing that again. Take the time without guilt and give the new run a bash on Tuesday if that suits. Or give yourself a maintenance run (off the C25Kschedule) to see how you feel. If you do any kind of run, no matter what interval or distance it's going in the bank.

Enjoy the wedding and hope your next run is more fun than this one turned out to be.


You enjoy the weekend and the run will still be waiting for you afterwards...this is your lifelong friend, just enjoy the whole weekend! 😊

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