W6R2 :-)

I had dithered about whether or not to go out today as I knew I was quite tired, but having looked at the weather forecast for the next few days decided to give it a go and see what happened. Yes, my legs were definitely tired, but my mind was in a good place and it spurred me on. Now that didn't mean I managed to run any faster, though I did pass a walker which made me feel good/relieved, but I did finish the run in one piece, so I'm quite happy. I was itching for the walk break to finish so I could get back to running again, which has to be a good sign. Anyway, no more walk breaks for me as long as I don't need to repeat any weeks - all 'proper' runs from now on!

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  • Well done, sounds like a great run if you were looking forward to running again!

    Good luck for the coming weeks :)

  • Thank you!

  • Me again , we seem to be at the same stages! I also did this run this morning feel tired but had my daughters rainbows event in London and knew I would be walking all day so too tired to go out tomorrow, so I forced myself out at 6.30 and like you hated the walk as just found a pace , but then struggled towards the end of the second leg of the run and couldn't complete the last 30seconds. I did change my route today which included a few hills etc so don't feel too bad.

    Good luck with the rest of your runs!.

  • No I wouldn't beat yourself up about that at all. Sounds a really similar run to mine. If I hadn't had my 'positive head' on today, I might not have got to the end of that second run either...

  • Well done Hennith. The next step is not as bad as it seems, and you'll be really pleased when you've done it - like when you finished W5. Think W5 and a little bit more.

  • Yes, I'm quite looking forward to it. Just hope this awful rain clears away in time ...

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