Did it ran the 5k

Not much enjoyment with mine at the moment more just glad to have done it. I was on the subs bench for a week. Saturday was a horrid lack lustre run.

I'm please I managed to get a few seconds off my time today. I've found a run that I like using - I think I'm longing for the odd nicer evening to run in and a bit of brighter weather. I tried a run by a pool and then lake - over rated to close to muddy puddles. I might run the church run the next time. It was me that made it rain earlier I put the washing on the line. Grrr


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14 Replies

  • Hey, but you did it! It was hard going in the wind today but you did 5k! Pretty damn good!

  • i must admit I can see how I'm changing shape and that Spurs me on.

  • Exactly! You did it! It wasn't the pleasantest of days out there today, but you got out there and ran 5K. Well done!

  • Thank you - I'm please with my progress. I guess it didn't feel quite so far.

  • I've been finding my runs a bit tough lately too. I think it might be because I kind of think they should be easier than they are by now, but then it's the first month post-graduation so I think we have to remember not to expect too much too soon. Keep focusing on the massive progress we have made instead! I also wonder if I'm too conscious of improving my time and so going faster than I should, whereas I should still be going slowly and enjoying the fact that it's possible to run this far. Maybe you're doing the same sort of thing?

  • That's exactly me Glud, I think I should be the fastest, but then I still think I'm 21.

  • Oh yes, I forgot I wasn't 21 too! Good point.

  • I look in the mirror and can see how much I'm toning up. I like this it motivates me.

    Your right I'm expecting too much. I have to think my first 5k was 42 mins and 37 is progress. I have smashed this with my PB being 34 and that was a park run so I was in a crowd.

    Today I finnished by being able to up my speed a little. I need to find the zone again.

  • Me too. To start with, I just felt way better, but I can now see the difference it is making too. Very motivating :)

  • In a funny kind of way that is one of the things I'd like to do - I would like to be a bit faster so I could run with my sons and not be too far behind them, they are 23 and 24. I guess even it was a minutes worth of faster running once a week that will improve things.

    Thanks for the chat GLudwig. It's a bit off yet. I guess you see such good progress so quickly in the early days you think it should carry on, or, you at least expect the same sort of leap somewhere.

  • Exactly. We can't continue to improve at the same rate. That would be just ridiculous! Where would we end up?

  • Just checking in before going to bed (I was supposed to be going 20 mins ago but have just been loading loads of stuff onto my ipod ready for ..... running). I've got about 250 hours of Desert Island discs and Shakespeare plays!). Anyway, just reading all these feelings is EXACTLY how I've been feeling too this past month since graduation - especially the point about the weather - come on Spring. Anyway, good luck everyone, we must hang in there. My shape change is a big motivator for me. Remember how difficult it was to run that first minute 3 months ago. We're stars! Night all. xx

  • I'm glad we all feel the same. We should keep posting - it's better when we're still on the journey together. That's a great idea about Desert Island Discs too. I am totally hooked on them and usually listen when I'm ironing. Since leaving Laura, I've been listening to horrible running music, but maybe should try that instead. Also, yes, I'm sure the weather will give us a boost when it finally changes. That little glimpse we had of spring was so motivating too - we were all rushing out there into the sunshine. Won't be long now!

  • Spring? Hail? Wind - no electricity? Might as well be outside! Yes, lovely to share and support each other. PS on the Desert Island Discs (or DIDs as they call them) - you can go back years - really sad as so many of the interviewees are no longer with us - it'll be really interesting listening to them as the miles slip by.

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