Just ran my first 5k!

So tonight I was half way through my first 28min run of week 8 when the C25K app stopped on me.... I just decided to keep going and see how far I could go / long I could keep going. I was tracking my distance and when it got to 4k I felt I could keep going and decided to try and crack a 5k run (as incentive to keep on track I've signed up to do the Sport Relief 3mile run on 23rd March) and I did it, I managed to run 5k and it took me 40min.

This is the longest I have ever run for and just 7 weeks ago I struggled to run for a minute and the thought of ever being able to run for 30min seemed impossible.

The C25K app has worked so well to build up my stamina... I was over the moon that I kept going for 40min today, I now feel more confident about doing my Sport Relief run in just over 3 weeks time....I'm def going to keep up the running and I'm thinking of going to my first park Run soon.

Loving it!

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  • Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it. 9 weeks ago I couldn't run for a minute, now 30 mins and enjoying it!

    Keep it up!

  • Well done.and good luck!

  • That's great, well done! Enjoy your Sport Relief run. Same here, I had trouble with a minute at the beginning and now up to 28. x

  • That's amazing progress - well done. You'll definitely be ready for your sport relief run!

  • Congratulations and enjoy your Sport Relief Run

  • Well done. Roll on Sport Relief.

  • Go! Get along to your parkrun now - the people are really friendly and it will be great motivation for you. I wish I had started going earlier.

  • That's an amazing run, well done!! Hope you enjoy your 5k run in a few weeks. I also signed up to a charity run so am hoping to be able to run it all on the day.

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