Ran 5k in 39:11

Well I'm glad that I've kicked butt with 40 and above. The run was eventual this morning but I did it. I contemplated whether to do a early run or one in the afternoon, glad I did it in the morning in the end.

I've to check the weather for my Wednesday afternoon run and then the next ones a park run on Saturday. I think I might get a PB.

Aren't Garmins great.


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  • That should say eventful.

  • Under 40min for 5K - well done. I think you will find that your PB improves with parkrun. I'm consistently about 2 minutes faster at parkrun than I am when I run on my own. I think it's something about having other people around. I was starting to suspect that either my parkrun or my Garmin was out, but when I checked on Saturday, my Garmin recorded 5.1km which suggests not.

    I hope your run today wasn't as eventful as mine. I had a "discussion" with a car park barrier which descended rather rapidly whilst I was passing under. The barrier now has a head shaped dent in it and I have a stinking headache and a rather bruised and bloody nose...

    Good luck for the PB on Saturday at parkrun

  • Ouch Adam that sounds painful.

  • Oh my. So sorry to hear about the barrier that sounds horrid. i think I'd be using some very colourful language if that had happened to me.

    It's a challenge to see how I do at the park run. I think it gives you motivation - I wonder how much I can push it. I would be glad of the same time as today at the park run because that will already give me a PB. I'm looking forward to it as they say the weathers going to be a bit warmer.

    Hope your feeling better soon AdamB.

  • Well done AP, that's fab! And yes Garmins are great.

  • Listening to Laura is great but you have no idea how close to 5k you are so that's why I got the Garmin. Love all computer stuff to look at afterwards. How many calories burnt etc. thank you irish princess.

  • Well done, Ania. Hope the parkrun goes well. I found it a completely different experience, as everyone was so fast, but I'm looking forward to giving it a second go this week.

  • Here at telford said park run I also felt like I was slow but was glad of the experience and am glad to press on and see my improvement. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • That's brilliant. Well done. I'm still working at getting rid of that 40!! I'm almost there!!!

  • Keep it going Toonlou - it's good to have something to aim for.

  • Yeah it is. Went the other way tonight!! Very slow!! But I had two hills to get up so I won't be too harsh on myself!!

  • I guess if we just get the runs done we have to think these are are small efforts to feeling strong better and fitter. I do like running down a hill not up one though - and plan my routes like that. ๐ŸŒบ

  • Yeah I went round the block and came down it far easier!!!!

  • I was just about to post about wonderful Garmins! Had my first run using my new F15 today. Did three 10 minute intervals, used the pace display and ran them at 12.01, 12.05 and 12.06 mins per mile! Could never have done that without the watch.

  • Wristy I'm impressed with you. I have no idea how to use the pace display, I have this to learn. I was listening to Laura and she took me to 30 minutes on the app but it was way off the 5k. I thought the only thing I could do was either to drag my son with me who's not so keen at the moment (he has the tech on his mobile phone) or get a Garmin. It's secondhand a forerunner 10 but to be able to get the distance and going on the odd park run I'm now fully geared up.

    The weather is encouraging too.

  • ha, all it is the data display as you run - I have the first screen set to time/current pace. I just kept looking at the watch making sure I didn't dip below 12mpm too much. You can set alerts on the virtual pacer but as this the first run, just wanted to get an idea of what was comfortable first.

    Plus I love all the stats after a run! I had the lap timer put to manual so I could work out exactly the running and walking bits :)

  • how long do you have to set the pacer to. ???

  • don't know about the virtual pacer, but you can edit the data screens in the settings on your watch. go through the menu and it will offer you the options on what you want to see on the screen (you get two mid-run screens)

    - its on one of those I picked the time and current pace.

  • I have been looking on the computer and there are some utube clips which explained the pacer to me. How to set it. I'm not sure I'm at that stage yet. Thank you for replying to me.

  • Well done... took me many months to get sub 40... just a few mins below now, but it was a good feeling :-)

  • Oh wow I thought I was not really dong very well apart from being able to do a 5k and not really wanting to go much further. Well I'm learning. I would like to improve my time but I shall just have to wait and see how I progress. Thank you for letting me know that im doing alright. Feel much happier now. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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