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I did it!! 5k complete!

So this morning I completed my first ever 5K at Yorks Race For Life. I ran with my friend and we spurred each other on to run the whole thing and finish in 37 minutes, which is a miracle to think that only 7 weeks ago I struggled with 60 second intervals.

It wasn't easy by any means, it was very hot and we missed the warm up because the queue for the loos was about a mile long. At one point (about 4.5k) I was convinced I was going to be sick the second I stopped, which spurred me on to keep running if I'm honest. Anyway that feeling past and we even managed a sprint finish.

Someone on this lovely site gave me a tip of being at the back of the joggers and the front of the walkers and this worked really well, I think we'd have gone off too quickly if we'd have seen the runners in front of us.

I feel incredibly proud of my friend and I, we're half thinking of signing up for the Jane Tomlinson 10k, which is in 2 months time. It'll be a lot of hard work to do it, and I think we'd allow ourselves a 60 second walk every 2k or something, instead of running it all, but I suppose that's what trainings for!

Anyway, if I can run a whole 5k then anyone can!

It's now time for a celebratory Sunday roast and a nap!

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Fantastic news, well done Katy!! Fantastic cause and a well earned Roast and sleep!


Amazingly well done to you both! Can fully understand how happy you must be, and enthusiastic for another challenge! Who are we to stop you? If you remain as determined enough, you'll succeed :D

Just remain steady during the training and no surprises for your bodies (otherwise injuries might occur)

Good luck to you ... Go girls go!!! ;) Linda


That's brilliant. Well done! Your post might just give me the bravery I need to sign up to a 10k in Sept. Fantastic achievement. Celebrate well.


Sunday roast and a nap. What a great Sunday. Oh yes and a flipping good run as well. Congratulations. :-D


Thank you everyone! I still have 2 weeks left of Laura before I'm a proper graduate so I'll be finishing that off. Then I've heard brilliant things about an app called "Zombies! run" or something, so I think I'll start running with that afterwards. I'm finding the long training runs a little tedious so hopefully the threat of being chased by zombies will spur me on ha!


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