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Shoulder up date

Shoulder update, very disappointed, been to check up with my consultant and unfortunately my shoulder op wasn't successful ,going for a Cortizone injection to ease the pain, it may give me more movement when I'm not into much pain. So see how it goes or it may be a complete shoulder operation 😢 . On the bright side I have started C25k again, on week five and going surprisingly well, on week 5 run 3 tomorrow weather permitted, I remember when I did it first time round I was very nauseous after the 20 minutes, hopefully that won't happen. There's no age limit on this program, it can be done, I am 76 years old, just check with GP first. Pat

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Inspiring story and determination. Sorry about your shoulder - really unfortunate.


Good that at least you can run again.

I had a shoulder injury a few years back and it never really improved till I started running. the slight movement of the shoulder turing running stabilized my shoulder and now I don't feel pain any more. So hopefully also your shoulder will improve with running! all the best for W5.3 tomorrow!


Sorry to hear about your shoulder Pat but hopefully you will get it sorted. The post by dille gives grounds for optimism!

Meanwhile keep plugging away with C25k and enjoying it. Keeping mobile is the way to go isn't it. It's surprising just how much shoulders and arms are involved in running. Hopefully yours will strengthen as you keep going.

Good luck !


Hope your shoulder will soon be sorted out. Sounds like you are doing really well with the running - just keep it nice and slow.


Sorry to hear about your shoulder Pat, but judging by your post - noting is going to stop you!! All the best :-)


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