Couch to 5K

Devil on my shoulder

I am still struggling with wk 4, still only managing 3 mins of the 5 min sections because this little devil on my shoulder is convincing me I cant do it. Its saying "why are you doing this, your not losing any weight, you could be at home now, your not going to complete the programme, you never stick with anything long term, you can walk" I know I should just ignore and focus on something else but I cant. Any suggestions???????????

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Yes just say 'Every day and every way, I am getting better and better'. Just say that at a very slow jog (and I mean like snail slow) and match your pace to it, it will work, promise :) those minutes will tick by, Ignore the Devil. The weight will drop off, as you continue you are also speeding up you're metabolism its got to be worth it. Enjoy your journey so much support on here.


It sounds as if you are trying to go too fast during the run sections. You probably don't think you are, but slow down and see what happens. By now it might be a good idea to try a brisk walk on your "rest" days because the walk is great for building stamina and that will make the run easier. Work out a mile walk round your neighbourhood and try to finish it in about 15 minutes. Don't put too many hills in and do it while the evenings are still light- it'll lift your mood and you will be doing something helpful for your run next day. Then you can answer those little voices, knowing that you are physically and mentally prepared :)


Thanks for the comments going to give the mantra a go and will try the walk on my rest days too, not sure I can run any slower though, sometimes I fell its only my arm actions that determine if I am running or walking!


Yes sometimes I feel I walk quicker than I run but that's the idea, in the beginning it's not how fast you run but it's trying to pace yourself to get through the minutes required for the run (jog/plod). I'm always blogging how slow I am, I think as new runners we all think of the Graduates as almost Olympic athletes ha ha but I know that's not true, only six more sessions till I graduate and not Olympic standard yet (tongue in cheek) :)


Although I could have taken up marathon running, trained and qualified for the olympics in the time it has taken a friend of mine to get random olympic tickets for any event!


You are doing well. It is hard to keep going, especially if you run on your own like I do.

Tips I use are -

if running outdoors, tell yourself "I will just run to the next . . (pick a landmark, it could be a lamppost, the end of the block, the end of the field, whatever) and repeat. (if you run on a treadmill, hide the clock counter with a towel so you dont know how long you have run/left to run).

Or count from 1 to 50 with every other step and then repeat if you need to (Paula Radcliffe tip!)

Use your imagination - in my head I often run past ecstatic applauding crowds including my sporting heroes along the final stretch of the London marathon by Buck House!

I ask myself "what would Fran do now? (Fran is my 53 year old 7 times marathon running sister).

Good luck :-)


As others have posted, I slowed to almost the same speed as my walk and it really helped.

You can speed up again later in the programme.

As for the little voice I tell her frequently to Naff Off.

Sometimes I`m not so polite though :)

Keep running.


What is it with week 4. I too am really struggling witht he 5 mins. 3 and half mins is the most I've managed and i'm now on my 5th attempt! Thre are some great tips here I'm going to try - I like the imagining cheering crowds

Good luck - one day (soon) we will both be onto week 5!


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