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Hi I just a quick update on shoulder, very disappointing last week when I went to see the consultant, still can't drive for a couple of weeks, no exercises or running till I see him on 30th December. I have tried to go out and do a few walks but with the sling on it made my back ache. Been to see physio just got arm exercises. On the bright side Barry's buying me a Garmin Forerunner 15 for Christmas. I think it will be back to Laura and week one in the New Year.

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  • Oh that's something nice to look forward to! The great thing about running is that it's always there for us. I hope it's good news on the 30th.

  • Will keep my fingers crossed for good news on the 30th December, and enjoy playing with your new toy when you get it.

  • I can sympathise I am on my third attempt.Finished week 7 and had a car crash...I can say though having done it before it certainly was n't so daunting to begin again. My arm, hand an d shoulder still have problems but can go out. Good luck for 30th and do the physio :0)

  • Disappointing for you , end of December's not too far away tho'. You'll soon be flying around with that Garmin. Linda

  • Thanks Linda I hope so, going to York for the new year so hopefully I'll be able to gallop around the race course ha ha

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