This s@#$ just got serious!

Well I've just done W4R1 and my god it was tough! Yes I took it slow (don't think I could go any slower without walking) I did complete all the fun though, even if I was begging Laura to let me stop βœ‹ so yes I am proud of myself for completing, but yes it was tough.

Some bloke went by me the opposite way on a bike and shouted "keep it up, you can do it" which I actually quite liked.

My last walk was a good 10 minutes, I always seem to miss judge when to turn round. But hey the walk does me good.

Looking forward to Fridays run but also a little nervous. But I wanted something to push me and challenge me and this certainly is. And secretly I love it πŸ˜†


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  • Runs not fun, my predictive txt is rubbish!

  • Well done!

    Hehee, I always end up miles away when the run is finished (trying to avoid hills en-route) so I have a long walk back home, but I don't mind. Is extra exercise - and I'm usually feeling so proud of myself for ages afterwards that I really enjoy the long strut home. Need to get better at planning a route. I also find myself cursing Laura, but she drives me on. Stick at it, I've just done week 5. I'm on a rest day today but I actually want to get back out there and start week 6! What is happening to me??! I was a proper couch potato just 6 weeks ago...

  • Well done peeps! yep the long brisk walk home is good for you and does help stretch your tired limbs

    Keep on slowly plugging away and you'll be at graduation before you know it

  • Weeks 4 & 5 is where I started to feel like a runner (albeit a very slow one :) . I felt that as the runs got longer and the walks got shorter I started to feel I could make it. I also need to work on my planning, I either end up really far from home or have to go past home and double back on my self. On Monday I got to the bottom of my road with still 2 minutes of my run to go. I didn't want to go past my road as there is a hill and I wasn't in the mood for hills :) so I turned around and run 1 minute back then turned around again, only to realise I was back at the bottom of my road and still have a 5 minute walk to do :( so I had to turn around again. I must have look delusional :). I am trying out new routes at the moment so one day maybe I will get one that works :) Enjoy yourself

  • Oh well done. Its a fab feeling isn't it.

    I also often end up with a long way to walk back. I run along the towpath so I know that I have to double back at some point. Sometimes I turn half way but other times I do my whole run one way and then know that I have that long walk back. But I actually prefer the long walk back.

    I usually only do it when I have the dog with me and I have time. Many a time I've thought - I could start running again - but then I know that Laura will tell me off so I don't.

    Today (week 6, day 1) I turned just past half way on the podcast at a really good point to turn as it means I can cross the canal, go along the other side for a short way and then cross back again so a little bit of a circular route rather than a direct turn and when I got back I saw that it was just under 5k - so I think that is going to become my route from now on - it took me 49 minutes in total (some walking and some running) but it means that I can compete against my own time each run.

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments. It really is a big support to me having you all reply.

    I've felt great all day today after my run, it really does change your mood and Outlook on things. Thank you all again πŸ‘ 😊 πŸ˜†

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