W3r1 completed...just!

Well, I'm sticking with it. Did w2 this week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and started W3 today (Sun) not sure if that was a good idea but wanted to change the days I run next week and didn't want to risk missing one.

Found this one pretty tough - my outbound route is uphill (nothing too dramatic but uphill all the way). I found I got pains in calf and shin today but didn't stop and hobbled my way through the warm down walk. Bit disheartened that although I was running more, the distance I went was shorter (resulting in longer warm down walk which was no bad thing) surely this must mean I was running more slowly than I was walking in previous sessions??? not dwelling on it too much though. Expecting legs to be achy tomorrow!

All the best to everyone in week 3 :)


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17 Replies

  • I also found it strange that some weeks I would run further than others, the main point of the programme is the length of time you run not how far in comparison to previous weeks. Certainly in the early weeks its all about building up, each week you will run a little longer not necessarily further The distances will come but at the stage you are at it's more important to run a little longer in each spell.

    Don't get disheartened you've got this far, if it helps cast your mind back to wk1 run1 then compare your achievements now to then. You've come a long way since then.

    Keep it up, it's worth it.

  • I've just done week 3 run 1 as well and I didn't go as far as I have on previous runs as well. I was very pleased to find I could run for 3 minutes and I really enjoyed it. This week seems as if it will be quite manageable for me which has boosted my confidence a lot. I also found that I had slowed a bit from previous runs but I think this is a good thing as at one stage I did feel as if I was getting into a bit of a rhythm and that I could have carried on for a bit longer.

    Keep it up. You are doing well!

  • I found Week 3 possibly the hardest of all. The last 3 minute run never came easy to me. But I stuck at it and now have only one more run left before I complete Week 9. So well done for getting to Week 3 and do trust the programme as, to my amazement, it does seem to work. Good luck!

  • Thanks All for the support and encouragement :) Great to hear from people at same stage and those who've been through it and gone all the way!

    W3R2 completed this evening. Went as well as first (maybe a bit better, but certainly not any worse). I am proud that I'm sticking with it and moving on and feel that I am making progress. I enjoy the 'me-time' and look forward to the next run. Not sure what I'll do when the nights get darker earlier or if it's very wet as at the moment my route is on narrow, sometimes busy, unlit country lanes. But not thinking too much about it until I have to.

  • I'm in awe of your running up hill & down hill. Anything that is not flat makes me very uncomfortable. Well done you.

  • thanks Waletta - it's not very steep at all (but enough to notice if you're going up or down!) w3r3 complete, don't want to frighten myself by looking at what's in store with w4!

  • Gentle undulation creases me. I'm just about to start w4 too. Good luck. I did take a peep at w4 but Tedium encouraged me, I liked his can do attitude, along with all the other sage runners on this forum- We can do it! We can do it!

  • Hay Waletta - hope all's going well with you. internet connection lousy so not able to get on here as often as I'd like. W5R1 completed yesterday, aiming to do r2 tomorrow. Already worried about r3 though as I've seen what's in store - however have also seen other posters with similar concerns and all the encouragement they've received so in a way looking forward to seeing if I can do it! :)

  • I'm doing W5 R2 tomorrow. I'm not as worried as I was, though I wish it was 5mins 1st, even if they followed it with 2 8mins stints just because that 1st run is always so hard. Everyone here puts their trust in the program & it's worked for them & as you say it's such an encouragement. You'll probably have done R2 by now - Hope it went well. I looked at which run people found the hardest. You can find it under the "polls". They give some good advice about week 6 as some people found this hard & they suggest what they may have done wrong which made W6 harder. Forewarned is forearmed. (Sorry about the spooky silhouette - I haven't been able to load anything up for a picture.)

  • I did it :) not as bad as id feared. Going to local boating lake on a sunny day during school holidays perhaps nkt bezt way to avoid being seen :/ good luck.... you can do it :)

  • Well done! I did run 2 tonight too but my mind was saying stop & do it another time nearly all the way through the 1st run but I did it & felt great. re the boating lake- I sometimes feel like going in disguise. You know sun glasses & hat but since a member of my slimming world group recognised me from the back as I passed her house, I don't think it'll work.

  • Well done you :) and a fellow slimming world member. I rejoined 2 weeks ago. Finding the running is helping a lot - 6.5lbs off first week and 2.5lbs this week. Hoping to maintain steady loss to target now.... only 2.5 stone to go! Run 3 tomorrow..... eeek!

  • This is 1st time with Slimming World - It really does seem a sensible regime. No more downing 3 chocolate bars in half a day. I started in March and am a lb off my target which is probably a bit high but at my age(55) I don't think I want to go too low so I'll just be within my BMI goal. You are doing marvellous aren't you? I never have big losses though the losses have been more consistent the last couple of weeks. I think this is the running as my shape has definitely changed. I have to say I feel great since starting the running but it is a bit all consuming. Let me know how R3 went. Mine is due tomorrow or Friday.

  • Wow a lb off target is brilliant. Ive got more to lose than before so think that accounts for larger first loss! Downing several choc bars sounds familiar (pre-slimming world). I love the extra easy plan and I know that if I stick to it, itll work and I will lose weight. The running is helping with losses but also makes a huge difference mentally and im beginning to see changes in my shape (as are others which is nice ;) )

    Well... the run. I did it! No idea how and as youve said the first 5 mins are horrid... but found a bit of a rhythm and stuck with it...and felt epic!

    Was lucky to get out as my son wasnt well today (sick all over me... twice) but mum stepped in and I got out there... so grateful and glad that I did.

    Ps im 37 with 2yr old twins, last with slimming world pre-pregnancy.

  • Forgot to say good luck with the run x im sure youll do it.

  • Oh Bye-Jabba, 2yr old twins - I'm sure your getting all the Body Magic you need without the running. The running must be "your time" & we all need that. Marvellous news about your R3. I know what you mean about changing your mental attitude. I'm thrilled to bits for you. There's a smile all over my face. My daughter (23) just took me out for an hour's walk so came home to yr message. Thanks for the good luck message too. Really marvellous congratulations. :)

  • Thanks waletta x thats very sweet :) I dont seem to stop with the twins but isnt right activity to shift lbs ...and of course there are 2 plates of leftovers I was scoffing at the end of every meal :-/ still feels unreal that I did the 20 mins yesterday. Def having 2 days rest before starting w6r1! Let me know how you get on x will be thinking of you and cheering you on :-D

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