Just one measly second!

Just one measly second!

Just one measly second per klm lay between me and a PB at Parkrun this morning!!! Yes -- I ran 5 seconds behind my PB! But how can you possibly know that as your are running!! :) I did do it a bit tough today - it was quite cold and I don't like that cold air pouring down my gullet into my poor old lungs!! It needs a bit of pre-warming.

Well anyway - I tried - and I only try once per month -- so it's back to long and slow again for a while :) 15klms run/walk on Monday.


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  • But - I can see that I am still carrying a bit of weight - even though I can't keep my trousers up these days!!!

  • Oh! Doh! Grrrr Baz! You must be much miffed at that annoying statistic. Oh well, it's done now so on you go. Bah, mumble grumble

    So frustrating I know but you'll do it next time. Strange that you're cold and we over here in usually dull, grey, wet Blighty are roasting and can't get out to run til the middle of the night. Ha ha

  • Oh that is tough Bazza to get so close. You must have been chatting up the lovely ladies in the background and sprinted the last bit. There's always next month ;-)

  • I will have to concede that I MAY have been following the young blonde a little longer than was necessary - but it does all depend on what you define as "necessary"!! :)

  • Whatever gets you there makes you stronger!

  • So close! Never mind, you'll do it next month ;) Great pic.

  • Bad luck, very frustrating to have got so near, but at least you got out there. We've been having gale force winds and storms over this side of the country so I didn't get out there at all.....boo, need to run.....fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow.

  • Frustrating? No. I think we should call you " Mr Consistency". Well done!

  • Well, that photo is just the last 100 metres of the 5k - basically sprinting at the end . The rest of my 5K is more of a "shuffle" !! :) I couldn't keep up THAT "form" for the whole 5K!!! :)

  • Hi Kitty,

    I think youve made some really good points there, I tend to have problems with my posture too when running, what I think I look like and what I actually look like are at complete opposites , pah :-)

    That looks like a really good running style you got there Bazz , good stuff :-) xxx

  • Well done dont feel bad that's still a great achievement and a great pic :)

  • Great picture Bazza. Have to concur with KittyKat's analysis- you do seem to have really good posture and gait! 1sec per km off a PB is bad luck, but just think how much worse it would feel if it was half a second per km off. Always look on the bright side etc.... :)

  • Great piccy, I think you look fab and don't forget that these running/sports tops could make a whippet look a bit chunky :)

  • Looking good Bazzer! Running in cold air is just a distant memory at the moment. Never mind the time -at least you are consistent! There's always next time....

  • Sprint finish. You need a rocket launcher speed, sprint finish. That'll gobble up all those missed seconds and leave you with a smile so broad, people will think you sleep with a coat hanger in your mouth!

    GREAT picture though Bazza. Man, you look in CONTROL baby! And check out your FORM!

  • Well done mate - you'll get that 6 seconds next time! Sprint finishes are awesome though (I loved it today at my 10K)!

    Awesome photo - in control, great posture and looking like a real runner! Go Bazza! Well done!

  • If it makes you feel any better, imagine what it feels like to equal your PB. Yep. I didn't know whether to feel happy or annoyed-still don't. I've clocked up 3 PBs since then but it still rankles!

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