Week 7, Run 1, Girl Down

I've been really proud of my accomplishments so far in C25k - I've fought through every head rolling I'm too knackered for this moment but today I didn't make it. 17 mins out of 25, ran out of puff, dizzy and first bad stitch out of the 7 weeks. Walked, did another 2.5mins, walked again, and finished on the last 5 mins. I haven't quite figured out what went wrong, bar a head wind up a wee hill that really took it out of me this morning. I'll be having another go on Tuesday, but it puts doubt in me as to whether I should go back a week and try and improve before I have another go at week 7. I think I have hit my wall!


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9 Replies

  • I'd give it another go - you're obviously determined to succeed and as everyone on here tells you - everyone has one bad run. I'd go on - take it slower if you can. The build up is really slow, I'm sure you'll manage next time - concentrate on relaxed breathing too. Glass of water before you go - you may be doing all these things already. Good luck.

  • What did you do differently from wk6r3?. If you managed that one then you know you can do this. Have faith & don't let 1 bad run put you down. I did the wk6 r3 this morning & really struggled but have worked out why so hopefully wk7r1 will go better.

    chin up. You can do this. X ☺

  • You can do week 6, you've done it. Better to do this week again and slow it right down.

  • Cheers all, yup, going to take this one on the chin and focus on trying to maintain stamina on my next run.

  • Kudos on completing a difficult run! Even a slight up hill stretch can be the deciding factor when one is nearing ones limits. If you add a head wind it's even tougher. One thing I have noticed is that if I am dressed to warm, I can "hit the wall" with much less effort.

    I don't know if you have or use some sort of Watch / phone app to help with pacing? For many it's overkill but I find using a cheap heart rate running Watch with GPS a big help when "analysing" the run afterwards. If you have some sort of smartphone there's loads of different options, Runkeeper is popular.

    I prefer using a Watch with easy physical buttons for start / stop / split so I use a Garmin.

    Keep at it, you'll make it!

  • Sounds like a bad day - we all have them. Write it off and do that run again - don't go backwards, you don't need to.

  • You *should* be proud of what you have done too, well done! Just one of those days, sometimes things just stop us in our tracks and we don't always know why. I agree with useit, don't go back a week, you've sorted that already! x :-)

  • Yep, just keep plugging away. Go slowly! Give yourself time to breathe and you'll make it round. Laura will be there helping you along.

    Have fun!

  • Maybe the confidence from week 6 lulls us into thinking week 7 is easier than it is? Did you go too fast? Slow down and slow down again....good luck, I would definitely keep going and put this run down to experience :)

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