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Struggling week 7!! Please help!


I am really enjoying this plan.. Finding it tough but have achieved all the weeks.. Until now!! Struggling at Week 7!. I managed the 25 min run week 6 run 3. Last week (week 7) I couldn't get past 20-21 mins so I walked for a minute then managed to finish the run. So I decided to repeat week 7. Run 1 I struggled again at 20 mins so walked for one min then ran for a further 5 with no problem. Why am I flagging at 20 mins.. Don't really want to repeat wk 7 for a third time!! I am running slowly so slowing down not really an option! I will preserve as I am determined to finish the plan! Any advice welcome.. Thanks.

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That is exactly what happened to me as well. Sailing along then week7 was just awful. I put off doing run 3 for days but did it eventually even though it was a struggle. It all changed on week 8 and I was away again! I did the first run of week 9 yesterday and it was fantastic. I think everyone hits a wall and you might have just hit yours. Don't give up its a mental challenge. Keep going you will get there. If I can you can


I would suggest an extra rest day and maybe change your route, I found with the longer runs (I've just finished week 8) that having some different scenery distracted me a bit from the grumbling limbs! Best of luck and keep going. You can do it, Laura says so, and so do all the folk on this site who have been where you are now.

Hi Ruthie,

Hmmm not sure exactly what the problem is, have you reached a point in either of the runs of 20/25 mins when your breathing has relaxed and you felt ok? (even for just a few moments).

By this time I was finding a point at about 10 minutes in that was tricky but could push through it by blowing out a few deep breaths and then felt fine for the rest of the run. Tired by the end but no need to stop.

Could you be feeling a bit under the weather? In which case a rest might help. If not do you feel that you would like to repeat Week 6 to have another run up to the 25 mins as it were..

Don't worry you are doing brilliantly and will be able to do the longer runs. There is no hurry (I took seven months)

and as long as you are enjoying the journey to graduation it doesn't matter if you consolidate for a bit.

Good luck. :)

Thanks for all your support.. I do want to change my route but I know where the 2 inclines are so I'm mentally prepared for them!!!

I achieved the 25 mins today... So relieved.. It definitely is as much a mental challenge as a physical one..

Roll on week 7 run 3!! 😊😊


Just take your time...snail on a go slow... :)

You can do this, sometimes, with me, when it was quite dire before Christmas, it was, repeating, just one foot in front of the other, over and over in my head!

Pesky mind gremlins...kick them into touch, girl!


I found week 7 to be the hardest in the plan. I think it was the transition from having walking intervals to solid running, and knowing there were no more walking breaks. Although I could (and did) get through it, I was fighting a mental battle most of the time telling myself not to stop. I found I needed to remove the cues that told me I was only 10 minutes or 15 minutes into the run. Sacrilege maybe, but try running without Laura. Try a different, unfamiliar route if you can. And of course, watch your pace particularly at the beginning.


Strange isn't it, how hard that week is. I would suggest you've done enough to just keep ploughing through the programme.

Keep mentally strong, take it steady, ENJOY and head towards graduation - not long to go now 😀 🏃

hi i found that a lot of the obstacles are in my head. I always think i cant do it at first. 10 minutes is my wall - then im ok once in a rythmn. 20 mins is a real achievement. have you tried slowing your pace, or saying to yourself just i more tree/lampost and then one more, also concentrate on your arms , a choo choo style seems to boost you forward. Just keep persevering. You are doing great. I think once youve done it that will give you the confidence to do it again. Pick a good day when you are really psyched and just go for it with determination...I bet youll do it

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