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Week 7 Run 1 - horrid!

I had a bad run early on, about week 4 I think, but last nights run was awful, I got a stitch 10 minutes in (not had one of those since I was a child but my husband helpfully pointed out that I've not run since I was a child!) and just couldn't get rid of it, I felt like I was running through treacle but soldiered on and managed the whole 25 mins. As soon as I finished I felt really sick for about 10 minutes and suddenly very hot, my face went bright red and I was exhausted. The mileage was the same as W6 R3 so I hadn't run any faster, really not sure what happened there but not looking forward to tomorrow AT ALL :-(

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Write it off as a bad one and try and move on. I've learned they're bound to happen, you just have to grit your teeth through them.

The next one WILL be better.


I agree with Fingalo bad runs happen for no reason, you just have to put it behind you and carry on :-) If you get a stitch it may be worth trying to drink more water before you run that is meant to help. Good luck with your next run am sure it will be fine :-)


Thanks guys, will see what tomorrow brings!


I had this on nearly this exact run. People told me to write it off as a bad run and that the next one will be easier. I didn't entirely believe them. They were completely right. Forget about it and go out with a positive mindset next time and you will achieve your goal!


As above peeps have said, just a bad one, next one you will kick it's bumcheeks!

All the bet



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