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Finally back out running

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so, after what seems like an eternity, but is really only about 7 weeks, I am finally allowed to get back out and tread the light fantastic. So to ease myself back into the swing of things I went for a celebratory inaugural run today at the Rock Solid Obstacle Race at Escott Park.

Was only 10k but the 50 obstacles en route stretched it out to beyond 2 hours. Half a dozen 8-a2 foot walls, a 20 ft cargo net, mud waist deep, neck deep and a couple we had to go right under the surface of to get under beams etc... what else? A giant skip full of icecubes to wade through and duck under another beam - total brainfreeze, an aquaslide followed by a 15 foot jump into a lake follwed by a swim to monkey bars over more lake and a balance beam ditto... hills, mud, climby things, gladiators with pugel sticks, mud, more mud, oh, barbed wire, lots of barbed wire to crawl under, in foot deep mud, of course, drainage pipes to crawl through, mud.. I can't rememebr any more, it's all a bt of a muddy blur. And just to cap it all, a sharp wind to leach any remaining core heat away from your soaking clothing as you ran.

Was fantastic.

Strangely, apart from bruises on the protrusions of ankle, knee and elbow, I feel pretty good at the moment. I daresay tomorrow morning I may feel different.

It does feel great to be back in the game though. Sitting out injury is bad enough, but sitting out enforced recuperation when you fel better is absolute purgatory. But all that is behind me now. Going to keep to fairly easy runs the next couple of days as I have a 5k night time Obstacle race on Thursday night, which should be quite exciting, and another 10k one next Sunday. Aroo!

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Wow! that sounds like a lot of FUN!!! Great stuff. Just think of the calorie burn there! Wooohooo. I made that "cheesecake of yours yesterday" Just had a piece. That would go down right well after your bath and dinner. What a treat

Lovely medal by the way!!!

Glad to hear you're back out there.

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Glad to hear you're breaking yourself in gently ;-) but seriously, WHAT??? All I can say is glad you enjoyed it and aren't feeling any ill effects :-)

Taking it gently then?!!!! Sounds fun in a very hardcore way! Nice medal, well done!

AncientMum profile image

Wow oh wow Rig, that sounds completely crazy!!! So good to hear you're back out there running your little cotton socks off. Great medal btw

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I think I could just about manage the aquaslide!

Great stuff Rig.

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So, a gentle slide off the injury couch then! Glad you had fun - even if I do think you are totally crazy!

Not doing too much too soon ? Glad you are obviously recovered from your rat disease ! Go get'em....

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why oh why don't you listen. You're supposed to take it easy, relax, run slowly. I bet you have mud all over your trainers :)

Well that was a good read, well done for going gently, it must have been a lot of fun and a smart medal to boot.

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That sounds fab and tough. I am knackered just reading about it and all that mud - i hope you had a change of clothes with you.

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SO now ... bring on the torture chamber! Jeez, you are pushing the envelope! Glad you enjoyed it, not so sure that kinfd of thing is for all of us. Well done.

ju-ju- profile image

You like to get back withs bang eh. Nothing like out of the frying pan into the fire... Well done it sounds amazing. Hope you are all ok today, take care

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Nice steady warm up there Rigs :-D !

Hope you're okay today and nothing's dropped off ....

Well done , that is hardcore , I think you must love mud ! xxx

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ok...joke over now tell us you went out for a gentle 5ker lol!! It sounds absolutely fantastic, mud and all. Hope you are not too achy this morning😀

Well, the surprise update this morning, which I confes I don't quite understand myself, is that I feel absolutely fine, musclewise. I have added hipbones to my list of bruised bits, and my ankles, knees and elbows are vivid hues of purple and quite sore when they come into contact with anything, but otherwise I feel right as rain. No stiffness at all.

Probably still in shock and it will all hit me tomorrow morning, but for now, I'm off for a recovery run.

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the_tea_fairyGraduate in reply to Rignold

I wonder if it's the variety of movements and muscle groups that's kept the dreaded DOMS at bay? I definitely ache more after road runs than cross country and I'm sure it's to do with not repeating one motion again and again for an hour. You could be onto something! On the other hand, the 'delayed' bit could just be specially dramatic - keep arnica ointment and ice-packs within hobbling distance just in case :)

And glad to hear you're back on your feet and pottering about gently ;)

Buffy007 profile image

Good Grief

............and you pay to do that?.........

danzargo profile image

A SKIP FULL OF ICE CUBES?????!!!! Were you taken into a windowless portakabin afterwards, tied to a chair and a strong light shone in your face whilst a screaming man in a military uniform yelled "YOU VILL TOK! Vee VILL mek you TOK!"????

Wow that is a race and a half. I'm interested in pushing myself but as much fun as that sounds I don't think I could. Well done and I am glad you still feel good the day after.

Delighted you're back to full fitness, and relieved that you're not hurting today. While I enjoy a bit of cross country myself that race sounds, well, bonkers... :-D

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'You aint getting out of here till you get over that wall Seeger!' That's all I keep thinking of. Well done Rig, an amazing event by the sound of it and I'm so glad you are back and so obviously feeling fit again x :-)

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Nice gentle ease back into running then!

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WOW! Can't imagine being able to do that ever, never mind just after leaving the IC.

Sounds like the best fun though - well apart from the icecubes!

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