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Finally back to running!

I've been struggling a lot recently...I managed Week 6 Day 3, and it went very well. But then I attempted Week 7 Day 1 last week...that did NOT go well at all! In fact I was almost put off running for good. I only managed 12 mins 30 secs before giving up. I kept thinking "I can't do this, I can barely manage half of the run". I felt pretty defeated.

But last night, I decided I wasn't going to be discouraged. I went out at 9pm while there was still some decent light. Unfortunately, the C25k app kept crashing, meaning I had to rely on another GPS app (Runtastic) to log how many minutes I'd been running for. Glad to report that on my second attempt of W7R1 I actually managed the full session! As I'm a bit out of practice, it wasn't particularly easy - but nowhere near as bad as I feared it would be. Just goes to show, even if I do fall out of my routine, I can come back to it.

Makes me even more determined now!

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Congrats on getting through it, never give up :)


I think your last but one run just shows how important it is to keep that little gremlin in check. Well done on not letting that put you off.


Really, well done. We all get thoughts like that and as disappointing as it is at the time, it's just one run, which has very little bearing on the next. Well done on remaining persistent; ignore those nagging gremlins and don't ever give up! :-)


Well done for getting back out there - we all have bad runs where it feels like each mile is about 4, and your brain just isn't playing ball (so to speak) But more often than not its followed bvy a good one - and then a great one!

Keep it up, you're doing great!


Well done determination got you through :)


Extremely well done! Go girl, you can do it :-)


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