Finally! Went out for a run!

It's been a while, folks...

My last run was Jan 31st, and I was building toward 10k with a plan that had me running 12 mins then one min off, four reps. Then the miseries got me. I put on half a stone in two weeks, couldn't get out the door... Somehow had a massive mental block which stopped me going out for a run and berated myself for not going out for a run, doubling the despair. My various health issues flared up combined with a stomach bug and more misery. Ended up at the doc's, have an apt with the rheumatologist at the end of April and on mood meds.

So this morning I was out walking the dogs when I suddenly thought, just go to week one. Even though your last run was 48 mins, go to week one. And with that, I put on my gear and out I went into the beautiful crisp cold sunny morning, a big smile on my face. I really, really RAN those 60 second bursts. I felt great and even though I was glad it was only the eight reps of a minute each, I had gone out into the day (very hard when my blues are at their worst) and enjoyed running again. Feel like a snake who slept all winter then shed her skin and is all shiny new. I felt so powerful during the running bursts, too. Whoopee! Fantastic to have a break from the despondency of feeling my joints deteriorate! 

I think I will plan to run each new run from the programme, so my next will be the week 2, and so on, only repeating them if I feel the need. Woohoo! Maybe I will even get back to my 5 to 10k plan! 


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31 Replies

  • That's brilliant - congratulations - seriously. I know what those 'miseries' are like and I know how defeated they can leave you feeling - getting off the couch, let alone out the door can take a monumental effort.

    Well done - and enjoy 'slithering' along your new training regime :-).

  • Thank you yatesco- it's incredibly difficult to explain mental health issues because the cold facts sound so silly and I do say 'pull yourself together' to myself, which actually does more harm than good. So many thanks thanks for support from an understanding position 😀

  • Well done - I am going through the whole 3 runs a week programme again but then I always quite liked the cheesy music!

  • Thanks meonthemove- it's a funny thing I quite like hearing the different music as well, since none of it is anything I listen to normally! When I was on my 5-10k programme I ran along to Classicfm or Sixmusic, and loved that, too. Strangely I'm quite looking forward to Julie, even...! It must be the nostalgia getting the better of me. You don't say why you're repeating the whole nine weeks 😀 But here's to good luck, I guess it's easier second time round because you already know you can do it!

  • Funnily enough I am more nervous this time! The first time around I never imagined picking up injuries that would keep me out for months on end...that and having some big stuff to deal with elsewhere in life kept me out for 15 months. I left it way too long really,  the confidence went along with the fitness. You'll have more of that to draw on, you came off the injury couch more recently. There's a bit more pressure now for me. If I can't do it and stay  healthy its probably going to be start looking for another hobby time...but that is not where I want to go so like you say here's to good luck!

  • Thank you for your insightful post. Sorry you've had to write it but glad to hear that things could be on the up.

    I think there's quite a few of us battling mental health issues (as well as physical) and finding c25k a great tool.

    One of my worries is 'what happens' when the bubble bursts or when life just gets in the way and pushes the running aside. My worries are increasing as I'm entering week 9 and know that after these last 3 runs it is 'down to me'. As much as I'm not planning for any change to happen, at my age I know myself and am keeping it real. Like others I have external influences which can change my day to day at any moment (disabled son being one for example) so I am really grateful that you've taken the time to acknowledge that derailments happen but also that it doesn't mean 'the end'.

    I am glad you've found a way of getting back out there and that you are really enjoying it. Hope it continues, look forward to your posts xx

    Good luck xx 

  • I too find the plan great due it being both goal based and on a regular schedule. To avoid week 10 being week 1 of 5k2c :-) I am planning on the c25k bridge to 10k (whatever it is called). 

    Only a couple more weeks (week 7 on Monday) so any other suggestions for post week 9 welcome! 

  • I think I'm going to do the stepping stones, speed, stamina ones. c25k+ I think they are. I think the bridge to 10k is the other post-grad forum. I want to work on my pace a bit, anything to get from snailplod to snailtrot will do! 

  • Ps I made up my own 5-10k programme through looking at other ones but adapting it to be realistic for me. The stepping stones podcasts are fun- if challenging! X

  • I graduated last week and, like you,worry about not having a structure programme to keep me going. I have explored My Asicics and the app came up with a programme but it was a bit fiddly entering info and needs internet access so can't use on a run. I like Runkeeper because it gives updates of pace, distance etc every five minutes. I have also used SportsTracker but no voice updates (unless I have set it up wrong!) I may just keep things simple and aim for three runs a week!!

  • Thanks jt24- wow look at you nearly graduating- woohoo! And with a disabled son to work around, as well. Good luck and keep it up! Once you graduate the rest of your running is of course entirely up to you. I found that running a W9R3 a few times helped establish that I could do it. More than pushing to run longer or faster or further, most important this time round will be making sure I enjoy it and mix it up- the C25K+ podcasts are an entertaining challenge, and running park run if you're able is also an amazing experience. Unfortunately I can't commit to parkrun at the moment due to IBS issues which mean I run a variety of loops close to home, but the experience of running with a huge crowd of people of all different abilities is one I'm glad to have had. 

    On previous occasions when I've been derailed I've skipped back to W6R2 for a run- I'm just saying all this to show there are lots of ways to get back on track. Missing a day- or even a week- doesn't seem to make much difference in terms of fitness and running capability. 

    Go you, and really enjoy your graduation run!

  • Well done you - I had the same road to damascus experience a few weeks ago:-)  Feels good doesn't it:-)  I have now switched totally to galloway splits -( managed run walk breaks) - this makes it all seem so much less daunting - and I can crack off a 5k no problem and could probably do a 10k it i put my mind to it :-)

  • Could you explain more about the Galloway splits? 

  • Jeff galloway - check out website - splits  for all runners - to ensure sustaining and finishing runs( i am doing 45:30 at moment.  It is like a permeant C25k - takes a few goes to get your head round - but I am now a complete convert. got myself a wee gym boss to time the splits:-)  Very happy:-)

  • Thank you for taking the time to explain - I will have a look at the website. All these things are so new to me - Gym boss, not heard of that one! I am certainly learning a lot from all the folk in this community! 

  • Hey suzybenj! Thanks!

    Love your description of it being a road to Damascus experience! It definitely was like unlocking something to accept and indeed welcome the idea of going all the way back and just getting out there- anything to help me get out the door! I think I'm going to have to google Galloway splits (not George Galloway being athletic, I'm sure). It sounds incredibly encouraging and just goes to show that once we have conquered the C25k programme, we are free to enjoy developing whatever approach to running works for us as individuals 😊

  • Well done you!  It's (almost) worth taking a break just to experience again the exhilaration of running for those first 60 second bursts! You'll be back up to week 9 in no time, wondering what all the fuss was about, and planning your 10K.  Good luck!

  • Hi Ladyidle, thank you so much for your supportive reply! I really really hope I can manage to stick with it. My bad shoulders have now got to the point where not only do I have to wear a front fastening sports bra but it's a heck of a struggle to get it off again- I am going to try using a backscratchers to hock it off next time. Fingers crossed this new programme will work! 😀

  • Hi rainshine😊lovely to see you back and brilliant that you got out there and did you 1st run of your  getting back to running. Sounds like youve had alot to cope with there's past months, but glad that you have found a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep on posting 😊

  • Hi aliboo 😀 Lovely to get your supportive message 😀 I'm really hoping to at least get a bit of running back into my life- I miss how it makes me feel mentally, as well as what it does in terms of being toned physically. Fingers crossed 😀

  • Well done you, it's difficult when life gets in the way. Keep going x

  • Thanks susie_bourne.  I will really try to keep it up and fit in some running around work, dogs etc- harder in the week but I know everyone else manages it... X

  • An inspiring post rainshine........thank you for sharing with us. Best of luck with future runs.

  • Thanks skyhigh- here's to getting out there and enjoying it 😀

  • I graduated just over a month ago and am also struggling a bit with structure. I am sticking to minimum 3 runs a week, preferably 2x 5k and a longer run. But there is so much to do and think of. Do I want to push on to 10k? I think I do, but a new programme so soon after would be too much, I fear. Then there's the c25k+ podcasts, I haven't managed one of those yet. Then I want to get faster, intervals can help there, but when should I do them? And I don't want to push too hard too soon, as I might burn out, get exhausted and pack it all in. The nice thing with Laura was you knew you weren't doing yourself any harm, thousands of people had done the programme successfully and the big jumps (from 8 mins to 20 - how crazy is that?) were obviously OK.  If I do crazy things on my own (I ran 8k yesterday for instance) I might be doing more harm than good. Difficult! Life with Laura was easier!

  • I know what you mean. I ran a few of W9R3 podcasts just to bed in that ability... Then I did go on to the stepping stones podcasts- these will help you get faster and include intervals as well as endurance. In my experience don't push too hard! Just try to find a way of keeping running as a part of your lifestyle and enjoying it (or, as in my case, enjoying what it feels like when you've just done a run- sometimes those runs are incredibly hard work...) Good luck! 😀

  • Sorry to hear youve been having such a tough time Rainshine...

    Heres hoping for happier and healthier times ahead for you ((( ))

    Lovely to see you back on here and Well done for your run today

    Take care xxx

  • Hey poppy pug 😀 Thanks for that hug! It's been difficult and especially so because I berate myself so much for letting it get to me. Argh. Hurrah for managing to get out of the front door and go for some exercise - hope all's well with you xxx

  • Hey Rainshine, so good to see you back. I'm a huge fan of the early weeks of the programme and, as well as using them to build up running again after my accident, I've used them as intervals to work on speed. Personally, I'd redo the whole programme, each and every run -you'll be so much faster and fitter second time around, and much more confident and secure in your running ability. Good luck m'dear 😀

  • Good for you... You're going to get your mojo back here, I can feel it. :) I love your honesty and hope that the running gives you your spark and sense of achievement back. Everyone deserves to feel good, keep smiling and keep going. Good luck X 

  • good for you.. I too took some time off when weather rubbish and need to get back into running again...

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