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W8R2 - four to go!

Really good run today, after the morning mist had gone and the sun was out. I find it amazing how you feel improvements from run to run - not even week to week! Today I felt in control of my pace for the first time, and managed to keep a fairly consistent pace up right through the run, without having to drop it at all.

I was pleased on Monday because I improved my average pace over the last few runs from 7:44 to 7:29 to 7:23 to 7:13. Today was just about 7 dead! I also broke the 4Km marker for the first time, so the next target is the 5K.

In all, today felt like a breakthrough :)

My run -

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Looking good Steve. Not long now to graduation, just take care not to push too hard. At the risk of sounding like a right old misery, you'd be amazed to learn quite how many people injury themselves in the final week or two by trying to run too far or too fast. Good łuck, I'll be looking out for your graduation post :)


Thanks for that! I'll be sure not to push myself too much. It seems a strange thing to say, but I felt I was in control of my run today, rather than a passenger.

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Oh that's not strange at all, that's your body and your brain working in harmony, both telling you you're doing something great :)


Aren't stats fab - they are a great motivator! I did my graduation run today and over the last 5 runs have just managed to keep the pace under 8min/km so I am very impressed with your 7min/km - well done! :)


Thanks - and congratulations on your graduation!


Don't be concerning yourself about times at this stage. You're not through the program yet and it doesn't form part of Graduating

Think about completing each run safely and think about improving times once your body is better conditioned - which is not yet if you're new to exercise

The injury couch is the last place you want to be sitting contemplating what could have been. Sigh


I'm not striving for speed or distance in my runs, though clearly I'd love to improve. I'm running at a pace that feels natural without pushing myself uncomfortably. I have no intention of getting injured. Apart from a little tenderness in the top of my thighs at the outside (which seems to be reducing) my legs feel better than they have for years!

Thanks for the advice, all the same, MW :)


Good to hear that things have gone well for you today. Concentrate on completing the programme and take any speed improvements as a bonus.

As you published a link to Garmin Connect I've taken the liberty of requesting I connect with you. I appear on GC as "slow_coach" though. That's one of my cycling tags. I'm happy to link with anyone else on here as well, but please don't look at the runs I've done in the last week or so and take this as typical. For various reasons too complicated to bother and try and explain here I've had to break one or two rules over the past 10 days (in future i must remember to engage brain before opening mouth).


Glad to connect! My focus is certainly on completing the program, especially as the end is so near now!


You are doing brilliantly, well done :)


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