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W3R1 - Injury or normal?

During my W2R2 and W2R3 I was experiencing pains/aches with my pelvis which caused me to take a week break before starting W3R1. I found it hard to run during this week hence why I took the break, is it normal to experience theses pains. Take note I'm overweight currently so I'm a heavier runner.

I must also tell you that I may have been over doing it. Because I was walking to work and back 5 days a week this is a 30 min walk and was also going on walks during Sundays which could last between 4-6 hours around countrysides.

I also made sure I took the 1 day rest in between runs.

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Hi Daniel,

I think it is important here to try and tell the difference between honest muscle pain caused by using those muscles that have previously not received any workout and an actual injury. I am no doctor but if the pain continues or gets worse then it is worth visiting one and taking the time required to get better. That said, I was very overweight when I started to run and I regularly got pains in my lower back some of which were sharp. I just worked through it.

Make sure that you have a good pair of running shoes and remember to properly warm up and stretch while cooling down. These things, together with taking rest days, will help you recover and avoid injuries.

Good luck and well done for making it this far.

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If you've gone from little walking to lots of walking and running as well, I'd say you might need to scale back a bit, build up your strength? Our bodies get a bit of a shock when we start using them more and the last thing you need is to be out of action completely. Try more than one rest day in between runs, I do that a lot! Good luck :)


I run, go hiking and walk the dog for miles. I get more tired walking the dog than running. It's all good though as it's keeping us fit. Also being tired is good cos we sleep better!

It's normal to ache when you first start running as you're using a different set of muscles. As you get stronger the aches and niggles should pass. If they don't then that's the time to see your GP to get checked out

A rest day after your runs is essential for your body to repair and recover ready for your next session

Good luck with it!


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