Back after injury

Hi everyone. After a four week injury break I tentatively went out last night with week 7 still on the MP3 and thought I'd just see how it went. I managed 15 minutes running, then took three short walks (30 secs) during the next 10, before running the final 5. Today I have done a 9 hour shift with no time for a break (I cook in a cafe) and feel fine. So...after another day at work tomorrow, I am going out on Sunday determined to complete the 25 min run. Fingers crossed I'm back in the game!!!

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  • Welcome back - you go steady after your injury. Best of luck.

  • Thanks Rosebery; are you doing couch?

  • yes - in week 9

  • Nearly done, got the Exeter Parkrun earmarked for my graduation run.

  • That is amazing. Here's to your Graduation! X

  • And yours! Cheers!

  • Take it nice and easy. Last thing you want is another lay off. Good luck

  • Thanks runner56 :)

  • Welcome back. Good luck with your return to running. Take it steady and I'm sure you'll be fine. Enjoy yourself out there

  • Thanks misswobble. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow's run; and I've just had a busy 10 hours on my feet in the cafe! Bonkers!

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