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The view from the injury bench

Morning lovely runners :)

So, I accosted a passing physio at work, bribed him with chocolate chip cookies, and got him to have a look at my leg.

He's pretty convinced I have trochanteric bursitis caused by a lack of strength in my glutes, quads, and hamstrings, and a tightness in my iliotibial band. This is an inflammation of the fluid-filled cushioning sac on the top of my thigh - irritated by tight muscles running down the outside of my leg.

I've been RICE-ing for just over a week now and it has improved somewhat, so no need to take anti-inflammatories. My plan of action is to carry on with this for a few more days, and also to incorporate some specific stretches. I have a foam roller winging it's way to me too so I can squash the knots and scar tissue into submission (it hurts just writing about it - expect a post any day now entitled OUCH!). After a couple of days of stretching and rolling-pin-ing my muscles I should be alright to start strength training leg exercises assuming it carries on improving.

He also said that walking is a good idea while I'm recovering but no running for the time being. I'm being sensible about this and will certainly take his advice. I've sort-of got over the disappointment of not being able to graduate (I was on week 9 when I got injured) just yet, but am so looking forward to getting back out there! :)

Happy (safe) running everyone!

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If I'd known you had chocolate chip cookies then I would have looked at your leg :) You are being incredibly good and sensible and patience will pay off - you are so close to graduating but it is better to get right than be pushed around the course in a wheelchair (which I don't think counts) - good luck with it and I look forward to cheering you on, on the home straight! :) Now I'm looking for biscuits!!!


Indeed! I find biscuits will get you anywhere - I once had an impacted wisdom tooth extracted at 3:00 am in exchange for shortbread...

Patience is a test in itself, but I will persevere and enjoy my reward when the time comes :)


Oh dear sorry to hear you're hurt. I hope as your strength builds that these niggling injuries will become a thing of the past

I had a bad ankle and knee and did the pummelling etc but I found that anti inflams taken just before switching the lamp off at night, plus exercising and gently stretching those bits, seem to work for me, so I laid off the pummelling

Once fit you can set about strengthening your whole body so you're supporting your running. You'll get there! This is just a temporary set back so don't panic


Thanks you miss,

Am not panicking, but am disappointed and trying not to be impatient.

I actually enjoy strength training stuff and had planned on doing more of this after graduating C25K, so it's not an unpleasant distraction :) Glad to hear you managed to mend your joints gently - I'm a little bit worried about the foam roller as everyone says it HURTS! Eeek!


What a pain. Quite literally! Sorry that you can't run, and it must be even harder when you're THAT close to the graduation. But well done for doing the right thing and giving your body the time to heal.

I hope you get to feel better soon, and do enjoy the walking in the mean time - the colours are gorgeous out there (if you can see them for the pouring rain).


Thank you Tomas :)

Yes, it is torrential here so I was a teensy bit relieved to find myself stretching in the warm and dry!


Boooo!! What a shame :( so close to graduation. Here's hoping you're back at it soooon. x


Thank you :)

It is annoying, but I'm more positive now I've got a bit of a plan.


That sounds awful and painful, I hope you make a speedy recovery and complete your graduation when you've fully recovered.

Happy walking in the meantime.


I had been wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like you have had some good advice and hopefully you will be up and running again soon. Take care and enjoy your recuperation :0) xx


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