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Next Thursday cancelled

Saturday was the day I broke my ankle and what did I do on Friday this week broke my middle toe on the other foot. Was trying to put a little weight on bad leg but mainly on the useless crutches when I eventually tried caught the toe on carpet and it clicked. The only concellation is that the colour is very similar to the bright purple cast.

I am very scared of putting weight on it any one been through this.

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Ps meant ankle not toe.


Oh no! You are not having a lot of luck are you? Hope you are not in to much pain and it mends soon.

Sorry, can't offer any advice as I've been lucky and escaped injuries all my life! But you have my support and good wishes :)


I can't believe it! What a horrible thing. I think hospitals general tape broken toes to the next one (that's what they did to mine many years ago,) so that they mend straight but you should try to stay off it. Hope you aren't in too much pain. Get will soon.


Poor you! I was on crutches for 11 weeks last year end they are horrible!

The only advise I can give is to try keep the weight off, If I had not been as stubborn and tried to carry on as normal I would have been up and about sooner.

I literally sulked for weeks :(

Best wishes


What are you like eh! - let me send you soon virtual cotton wool to wrap yourself in :-)


Thanks for that I will get it around me thing is I only ever broke one other bone before and that was my arm falling off my bike when I was 11. Maybe it's time to hang up the cycling helmet lol


Dear oh dear, what are we to do with you?

I agree with MaryAB - keep the weight off, especially if it is hurting! Resting and keeping the ankle elevated will help you get up and about sooner. Not what you want to do I know.

As my mum would say - patience!


I just noticed your blog, a bit late! I'm so sorry, you really are in the wars. I bet your morale has taken a blow. If it's any comfort all your fellow bloggers are full of sympathy for you and are looking forward to having you back on your feet. I'm still off running with my calf pain, although today was the first day I wasn't limping. I know I don't have anywhere near as long as you to wait to go running, but I'm thinking of all the things I can do to prepare to go back. You too, no doubt - that upper body workout that we never seem to get around to, a serious go at a balanced diet now that you don't have to worry too much about carbohydrate intake, reading loads about running, looking into the possibility of gently swimming exercises as soon as the plaster is off and the doctor agrees etc. etc. Of course you also have the perfect excuse to sit down and watch the Olympics!

I hope you keep thinking positively, even when the big 60 arrives, because you know that this is the year you get back to running! Good luck.


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