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Caught a chill... or just cold?

So I managed to huff and puff through W7 R2 on Sunday. And it was flipping freezing! After all that lovely spring-like weather is was a nasty shock.

However, despite 3 layers of clothing I was still chilly on the warm up and at the start of the run.

At the end of the run i'm a typical red-faced hot mess and am peeling off the layers. Walking home in the cold, drenched in sweat - have I caught a cold?

I have been sneezing and my nose is running like it's doing it's own C25K programme. Is it possible I have caught a chill (I thought this was just a scare tactic used by mum's to make you wear a coat)? Maybe it's a cold - but I can't remember the last I have a cold...

On a positive, I noticed that my pace has improved slightly over the last few runs :)

(I've finally plugged in my Garmin to the computer).

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Do what your mam told you and put your jacket back on after your run! You young uns. LOL

Seriously, you need to pop it back on. Run with a light weight running jacket or top round your middle, and then you have it to put on afterwards. Walk home briskly to keep warm. That also helps you stretch after your run. A chill! I thought only delicate Ewardian ladies in books caught those! If you get chilled through being out in the cold on your run you can treat yourself to a restorative hot drink in the bath. That always revives me.

I know you said you were layering up but are these running layers? Running clothes are dri-fit jobs which wick sweat away from your skin so you don't feel the cold. They are cheap as chips and well worth investing in. Colourful and rather sexy ones are available. They're quite addictively collectible! Oops

A runny nose is normal on any run. I always take a great big hankie if nowt else on my run - all year round. I think running helps keep a clear head as you lose that much gunk from it regularly. I see that as a positive. If you have got a cold then you might miss a run or two if you feel pants. If it's above your neck you can run. If it goes to your chest then that might mean a brief lay off. I suspect you'll be fine

Don't worry about your pace for now. It's not important for C25k purposes, and you don't want to be getting injured by going to fast before your body's ready. So stay slow and steady!

Have fun!

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Most of my layers are the wicking kind, although my very top layer which I removed was a zip-up track top. It is a jersey type material (so perhaps this needs replacing asap!)

My hat and gloves are not specifically running type either. Would this make a difference?


^^^ This is all perfect advice! Always listen to MissW!

It isn't a myth about catching cold if you get chilled. Recent research has shown your body is more susceptible to cold viruses if your body temperature drops. Mum was right all along (actually, we usually are ;) )


Thank you!

I guess Mum really does know best! ;)


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