Is this a reaction to the cold?

Is this a reaction to the cold?

This is actually a question but I can't add a photo to a question and I wanted to use an image. I hope it's okay to post pics like this! Basically, I went for a run earlier in the cold and the rain (about 4 degrees) and I was soaked through by the time I got home. I got home and got ready to dive into a hot bath and both my thighs were like the picture here. It was burning hot to touch and itched like crazy. I had similar reactions but not so severe before, and because it was in patches rather than all over like this I thought it was to do with the tights I was wearing. So I bought some more and had no reactions since. And then today I had to wear the same ones, and had this, which is much worse than last time. So really, I'm just wondering whether it's the cold and wet weather doing it or a reaction to the fabric in the tights I was wearing really? I'm just curious, because it's ever so uncomfortable and I want to avoid it in future....and with that said, if it is just from the cold, what can I do to stop it?! Thanks


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  • That looks sore. I think its a combination. My legs go red and patchy when I've been out in the rain & cold and also if the water in the shower is too hot. but it maybe the tights irritating the skin on top of it. They may be sticking and rubbing the skin which possibly causes the soreness. I think you may want to avoid wearing those in the bad weather.

    S X

  • I think it looks allergic -you can get allergy type rashes related to exercise but if it's only happened when you wear those tights it is more likely to be that and I wouldn't wear them again. Sometimes everytime you come in to contact with something you are allergic to the reaction is worse so may be why it is more severe today.

  • Perhaps it's your laundry liquid in conjunction with weather and fabric

  • I think it's cold and wet. Once you get home, get your wet things off and into a warm bath you'll be fine. I sat for hours at the match the other day, in a blizzard. I was saturated and freezing. My legs looked like yours. I was fine once I warmed up once back home.

  • I would say it's an allergy, especially as it itches. I had a similar reaction when I slept in sheets washed in one of the biological detergents. My son once reacted to a label sown into the back of his pants! Yet neither of us has any other allergies. I'd steer clear of those tights and see what happens.

  • I've had red legs like that before when been out in the cold when bitterly cold and windy. Its like wind chaffing against material of the tights. It does calm down after a while. If it doesn't, then it could be an allergic reaction.

  • looks like chilblains to me...! fairly common if you get very cold and poor circulation followed by heat.

  • To see if it's an allergic reaction you could try an antihistamine which will improve it and help with the pain/itching if it is. I got bad chemical burns by using a fragranced fabric softener once - I had them for days so if it disappears fairly quickly then it's probably not that. Non bio and unfragranced softeners for me from then on.

  • My legs looked exactly like that when I came in from a cold wet and sleety run last Sunday. I had on running tights, but they got soaked. Mine weren't reallyl sore though and disappeared after a shower. So although they look the same I am wondering if there is some washing powder or tight irritation on top of that.

  • I had exactly the same thing yesterday but on my tummy. It was after a long run in the rain and cold and I noticed it in the shower afterwards. It was like a large diamond shape on my stomach & itched for about an hour or so after and then went away. I guess that's not really an answer to your question but I didn't worry about it too much and am relieved to see it's quite common!

  • Thanks for replies. I guess it is the weather then, although I'll avoid those clothes again! Can I avoid it or is it just one of those things? It didn't take too long to get back to normal but was far worse than I'v had before, possibly the addition of rain instead of just the cold. I didn't like it anyway, might avoid going out in weather like that again because it really wasn't fun!

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